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  1. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    I have to go back to the audiologist on Tuesday, my Oticon HA are giving peroblems, one of them just seems to turn off and I have to open and close it to restart the HA ... streaming is not good .... I am dreading going to the audiologist
  2. Ezdblue

    Links to websites for learning ASL

    Hello Everyone, I am deaf/ HoH, I have been all my life. It has been always my dream to learn SL , since I was a little kid, alas, everyone was against it and I had no choice but to learn Lipreading, which I considered torture, and I always struggled with it. I learn the ASL because for now I...
  3. Ezdblue

    What happens to HA that are returned?

    I am actually looking for a lawyer to ask advice
  4. Ezdblue

    What happens to HA that are returned?

    The situation is that the HA started to malfunction in a big way. Draining the battery completely within 2 h or so. Streaming issues and so on within the first 5 days, the Audiologist got upset when I returned because she had them for 90 days and widex was not going to take them back .... Now I...
  5. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    Yes, but losing almost $800 + is not an option
  6. Ezdblue

    iOS update?

    I have a Oticon minirite 1 open. They are so, so. And still in the try out period but my bully audiologist won’t let me try anything else beside going back to the first pair she fit me with, despite the others being broken.
  7. Ezdblue

    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    I would add, that the issue of acceptance is one that has been transferred upon us , for years SL was fighted against, it had a bad name, unless there was no option, Lip reading, speech therapy, HA and what not was somehow imposed on us, my parents were told to avoid me getting in contact with...
  8. Ezdblue

    iOS update?

    The reason I ask is because the HA applications usually takes some time to get updated to be able to work well with the latest OS. The people in charge of updating the HA application and the ability of the HA to connect with the smart phone via accessibility feature is not Apple is the HA...
  9. Ezdblue

    iOS update?

    Hi everyone, My Apple phone is sending me messages to update the OS , did anyone know if it is... HA safe to update?.
  10. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    I have a different insurance via Obamacare so I don’t think it will be covered but I am calling today. If I leave the audiologist at the center of hearing and speech I will lose money, apparently even if the HA don’t work and failed to be repaired. My mistake is that I didn’t know any better...
  11. Ezdblue

    Hearing Aid's Channels Discussion

    Yes, the different channels help “fine tune” the hearing experience. Amazing if they are used well, expensive and useless if the audiologist shut them down ( like my audiologist the worst ever)
  12. Ezdblue

    No being gay is not a choice.

    and why do you care ? , the other people, religious or not , have the right to agree or disagree with your life style, orientation or whatever. You don’t have to explain yourself and others do t have to approve or disapprove, as long as you respect other people’s freedom, and what you are doing...
  13. Ezdblue

    What's Your Biggest Frustration in the Tech World?

    To me the most frustrating piece of technology is automated services over the phone, and customer service. I have a hard time with these.
  14. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    I have Molina Healthcare that is a local insurance.
  15. Ezdblue

    Brands that need the least repairs or have good warranties

    What about widex ?. I think that about quality hearing, you are the judge, and your hearing loss is also a factor in which type is right for you. I was in love with my widex when I had no choice but to go back to wear HA , after years without them. Then they crashed within 5 days, used starkey...
  16. Ezdblue

    What happens to HA that are returned?

    I would like to know what happens to HA when they are returned to the audiologist within the trial period, I am wondering if the first HA I was set up with, where second hand, I never saw her open the box in front of me .
  17. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    Thank you, for your answer. The Oticon minirite is open. I will call my insurance, to find out about HA benefits and find out about another audiologist.
  18. Ezdblue

    5 things.

    I would need books, my family ( I have put so much work into that, that it would be a pity leave them behind, by the way in family I include 2 cats and a tortoise ( wearing new HA. I discovered how vocal, everyone is!!!), tea (My Brit side kicking in) and all possible versions of it . And the...
  19. Ezdblue

    Nextalk Lowers Price For Access Deaf-communication Software

    Hello, I am interested to know more about ACCESS and if it helps me communicate, then I would like to become a member . Could you please send me the information. Thank you
  20. Ezdblue

    Hello , I am new here and would like to make some friend and get some urgent advice

    Thank you for the information I will call my insurance tomorrow. The situation is in the Center for hearing and speech. They are a non profit organisation and I was told that they are well experienced, and provide other services to the deaf and HOH community.... Because they are non profit I was...