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    Trying to explain to hearing people

    I'm trying to explain why I would need to interpret the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church for a Deaf person to hearing people who, well, think a book is good enough. You see, the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is printed in a book that includes all the non-variable portions of the services. How do...
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    Grey areas in interpreting situations

    I was an intern at the SERID conference a couple weeks ago. Among other duties, I was the introducing person for Dee Henderson at a workshop called "Backseat Interpreting". The focus of the workshop was the times in an interpreter's career when the waters get muddy and right and wrong are...
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    Return from the unknown :)

    I stopped posting on this board...oh a long time ago now. So since I am returning to AD, I thought it befitting to reintroduce myself for new members and explain my absence for old members who may or may not have met me on the boards.I am William Sculley, and I am a Sign Language Interpreting...
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    looking for more information

    One of my best friends is a babysitter for a four month old baby and is interested in teaching the baby some signs. However, the hearing parent, wife to a behavioral analyst, believes that doing so will slow Reecee's acquisition of spoken English. Knowing this, and knowing that I have been a...
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    How do I explain ASL dialects?

    I have been raised in churches, and one specific church, since I was young. Now, my home church has a member here training people to interpret for the Deaf, in the hopes that we will be able to start a Deaf Ministry. When they started this, I was in Chattanooga, away from home. I come in a year...
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    All Dogs Don't go to Heaven

    All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven: Post-Rapture Pet Care | Lifestyle | Mainstreet Can someone who doesn't believe in the rapture tell me why they would provide insurance for left behind pets?
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    Looking for Hearing aids!!

    My great grandmother and my dad are (possibly) both in need of hearing aids. My great Gran needs to upgrade from analog to a digital, and my dad, being a truck driver, is losing hearing in at least one, if not both, of his ears. My mother wants to know if there is someplace online that has a...
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    Secret Shopper and tutoring Scams Secret Shopper Scams Just a note that I recently received a check from a group from Canada for 1900 dollars and we discovered that they were a fraud. Be careful with these guys. If you receive a check for something like that. have the bank make sure it has backing before you check...
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    Sesame Street Marlee Matlin/Billy Joel/grouch

    My mom sent me this video in a text message. I watched it at the library, but since I have no speakers, I missed the entire spoken part of it. Could someone put a transcript on it for at least the parts we don't see signed? hHC3M7KL2ns
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    Odd texting grammar

    I have been texting with Erica (extraordinarily HOH, the reason I got a texting package in the first place) for several months now and have many times had to have her repeat what she is saying. Aside from normal texting grammar and TTY abbreviations, she is typing in what, to me, very closely...
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    yet more advice needed, friend breakup

    I have been best friends with a girl named Jennifer for going on 8 years now. She was dating a guy named Curtis and he was coming to visit her at her college. Well, he was two days late when she received an email from him that said he was breaking up with her. I am in a completely different...
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    ummm, new experience

    Well, I finally got myself into an interesting position. I was at Harvest Baptist Church for the Deaf a few months ago when I met a girl named Erica. The first time we met, I remember, was during the graduation party of last year, and it was only in passing. I didn't see her at all until the...
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    ethics question

    I don't exactly know where to post this, but this is an important question, nonetheless. I have been living at the Union Gospel Mission in Chattanooga TN for nearing on 10 months. I had mentioned in the application that my major was Sign Language Interpreting, and that, in situations of...
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    Straton's story, with captions

    Yes, I know a good bit of people here are not Christian, but...I really don't care if you accept me. Just understand that the following video is what the church is for. Many churches have failed, but many still will go on, because they follow the example of pastor Straton: 0SUJOcRU-_w
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    "Deaf need not apply"

    This is a quote from by user mvenus929. I do not know if this has made it onto AD, since I have been gone for a while and only thought to return when I got completely ticked at this ruling. While I don't fully agree with the writer's point of view on being Deaf, I will let...
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    I was visiting Harvest Baptist Church for the Deaf in Ringgold, GA, and noticed in the middle of one of the many conversations that I was signing without speaking or even really thinking about what my next sign was. I was just....speaking in sign like I do in English (Yes, I am a hearie, so I...
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    Cold Case Deaf show

    That quote came from Deafcasting's blog. I hope to be able to watch this show after church service on Sunday. I was just sitting in the dagum Labor Ready waiting on them to call my name (which they didn't) and CBS airs the commercial starting with a guy on a piano, and then the same guy in a...
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    Waiting on the World to Change [Vid] DPAN

    hKnF9CCYQPQ Figured a little of this might get some responses here. I am going to try elsewhere too.
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    Ropes Drama for Deaf This video was posted by one of my Deaf friends. Hope you all like it. She is the third person with a rope and sign. Her roommate is the first one.
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    I have been speaking on youtube with a person who has been certified as an interpreter in Britain for both BSL and a signing language or system called Makaton. I asked him if he could give me some information, and he wants to mail it to me. However, until I receive this package, I need to see if...