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  1. lovezebras

    ASSR vs ABR and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

    Hi! I haven't been back on here in quite some time. I have a pair of new hearing aids (Oticon Opn S) and with this whole mask thing i'm looking into getting a roger pen with boots for my ha's so that I can hear my customers properly. My audiologist suspects that I have ANSD. She is looking...
  2. lovezebras


    So 6 months ago I was dx with type 1 diabetes and it's been hell trying to control my blood glucose numbers and keeping them all the time in a good range. I went on a cruise not long ago and that was basically a sh*tshow of trying to keep good numbers and limit my food intake. I check my blood...
  3. lovezebras


    Hey everyone! As some of you know I have type 1 diabetes. Keeping my blood sugars in a good range is pretty hard sometimes. I don't feel low blood sugars most of the time and something called a continuous glucose monitor would help me with that by alerting me of low and high blood sugars...
  4. lovezebras

    New Naida Q

    So I got the new Naida Q70 UP today! It does sound much better than the SP and better than the Core UP I have. I can't tell much difference yet since everything was a bit loud today. I haven't work a hearing aid in that ear since around christmas :/ I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up fitting :)
  5. lovezebras

    fire and smoke alarm

    Finally got my apt building to install fire strobe and audible alarm and same with smoke alarm. Smoke alarms in my room and fire is by the front door. I feel a lot safer in case my mom isn't home now for drills and in case there is a real fire.
  6. lovezebras

    Nucleus 6 Processor

    Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor New info on the nucleus 6
  7. lovezebras

    anyone t1 here ?

    Is anyone here type 1? I'm actually LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes). LADA is a form of type 1 and somewhat type 2 but most call it slow onset type 1 or type 1.5
  8. lovezebras

    I'm back :)

    Took a lil break due to some health issues and just needing a break overall. I now have type 1 diabetes so I needed some time to adjust and such but glad to be back and lurking on some of the postings :) :wave:
  9. lovezebras

    Endometriosis ?

    Anyone else have it and if yes how do you deal with the pain?
  10. lovezebras


    Anyone else with endometriosis? If yes...what do you do for it? I got dx'd this when I had appendicitis and I'm in pain ALL the time. I am still waiting to see a specialist and I've been told I most likely need surgery to get rid of all the tissue build up as well. At least they can use my...
  11. lovezebras

    its that earmolds!

    So I'm getting new earmolds... my audi office sent the estimate to my insurance to see if they're covered cuz policies change often apparently and I got my molds at diff times last wanna make sure they're covered first:) I like getting my molds done at the same time! I did not like...
  12. lovezebras

    pepperoni pizza money bread

    I saw this on stumble upon and I definitely plan on making it in the NEAR future! I will let you know how it turns out..thought it was worth the share especially since the superbowl is coming up!
  13. lovezebras

    New processor from AB

    New cochlear implant processor from Advanced Bionics « I look so I can hear…. Now THIS makes me reconsider my choice of going with cochlear! Love that it can be linked up with phonak ha :)
  14. lovezebras

    2 inch feather comes out of baby's neck!

    Two-Inch Feather Emerges From Baby’s Neck - ABC News Crazy! I would have been like wtf! :eek3:
  15. lovezebras

    the party

    So last weekend I went to a house party...what a flop. lol There were around 50-70 people there throughout the night in a small/med sized house.. I wanted to pull my hair out! Lol Not only did I only know like 6 people (not very well) I couldn't follow a convo to save my life! At one point...
  16. lovezebras

    I start...

    ASL tomorrow! I found a tutor who usually works with children but is willing to work with me to teach me! She also goes to deaf events and meetups at the university with other ASL students to practice signing in group settings. So, to say I'm excited is an understatement :)
  17. lovezebras


    So I've been off AD for a few days due to having been in the hospital with appendicitis and having my appendix removed and such. All I have to say is what an ordeal. Ugh I've actually never been in so much pain and I've broken bones and have had other surgeries. Anyone else here have there...
  18. lovezebras

    voice sounds underwater

    Has this happened to anyone? Like I know my voice is loud when I don't have my hearing aids on and apparently my voice doesn't sound weird to anyone else but when since last week it's been on and off sounding like my own voice and other people sound like they're underwater. I've only noticed it...
  19. lovezebras

    Work rant!!!

    I'M SO ANGRYYYYY So, at the bank we have something we call a development plan that we can change when we want to start a new position at the bank or if your goals have changed etc. I'm a teller right now and since I had to drop nursing, because I couldn't auscultate, I decided to stay with...
  20. lovezebras

    Deaf quad all a hoax

    Dave On Wheels Hoax: David Rose, Deaf Parapalegic Twitter Sensation, Exposed As Elaborate Fraud The gentleman who "passed away" last week after a battle with pneumonia was in fact a hoax done by a man who created David Rose as a character.. people have serious issues..