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    Exactly!!! Apple products are known to last a long time. With my iMac it has lasted way longer than a PC I have ever had! The same can be said for the Macbook versus a PC laptop! The cost of Apple products may be high, but the products are built to last and has a low cost of maintenance. The...
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    Welcome to the All Deaf forum! :welcome:
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    Family: Father was called 'deaf and dumb' before being shot by other father

    I agree that two wrongs don't make a right. None of us should ever requite evil for evil. This man just should be arrested and charged then tossed into prison.
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    It must be tough for those who have to pick up the body pieces that were strewn across the landscape. It also must be even tougher for the medical examiners to extract data for identification. It is the most toughest thing for the victim's family members to identify them with the data supplied...
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    That thread would be generally about depression, but this thread is more so discussing most, if not all, factors that surrounded around Mr. Lubitz's decision to bring down the plane in the French Alps. Depression just happens to be one of the factors surrounding this case.
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    Is this all you can say? I was merely answering your question! Of course, this isn't an absolute health thread, but mental health is a [ginormous] factor in this case that concerns Mr. Lubitz and his heinous actions he committed with the aircraft he was flying. News are publishing articles...
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    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I love those Girl Scount Tagalongs!! Yummy!
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    One doesn't need to be a doctor to know prescriptions are the best thing to write for someone who is suffering from depression because like I have stated over and over that medicine is just akin to a band-aid. For example, if one is having taking medication to lower their sugar level, this one...
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    Of course, not all the facts are in and it is fairly certain not ALL of them will be in since no man can fully determine the mental state of anyone at any given time. But Mr. Lubitz did express unhappy thoughts to some people, especially his girlfriend, especially having suicidal thoughts. He...
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    Looking to chat with people :)

    Welcome to the All Deaf forum! :welcome: Why did you get involved with ASL? I like to ask hearing people why they decided to take ASL I then subsequently fall in love with ASL. :)
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    That's precisely my point here, Reba. Mr. Lubitz SEEMED to be going in the right direction, but he was unable to internally deal with his depression the right way. It was just a matter of time before his depression got the best of him. This again proves why medicine is NOT the answer to "curing"...
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    Anyone have or use a 3-D printer?

    Yes, I've read articles about this. Of course, this is not too surprising because people will abuse technology one way or another! Computers were invented to help simplify life, but I am sure when the creators created the first computers in the 70s and 80s, they had no idea in the future there...
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    New Here :) Need advice

    Each Deaf Education program has its own philosophy. One may focus on the Total Communication philosophy. Another may focus on the Bilingual-Bi-cultural philosophy. Yet another may focus on an only oral philosophy. That is precisely why one has to research on this before deciding which university...
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    Welcome to the All Deaf forum! :welcome:
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    New Here :) Need advice

    I am glad UNC is on your list even though you may or may not attend the university. I really liked it there even though I didn't major in Deaf Education. Have you ever been to Colorado, Laura?
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    What?! No one is born a monster. Don't lump human beings in the same category as animals even though some human beings do grow up and act like animals. Yeah, I get what you are saying. I view it more of a murder-suicide thing. It helps to put the quote at the top then your comment on...
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    femme Fatale where have you been :)

    *Gasps* Rio, you logged into All Deaf just to see if I was lurking! JK. I may lurk, but I do comment to let my presence and thoughts be known. Hahaha. :lol:
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    Legalizing Sexual Assistants For the Disabled

    This is disgusting on all levels because this is one of many reasons why people are destroying the sanctity of marriage. Sadly, this is for real. I agree with you, Kai! [/COLOR]
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    Anyone have or use a 3-D printer?

    With 3D printers available, it will make it easier for American companies to print their products in the USA! This will eliminate the need for cheap labor in other countries!
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    Airbus crashes in French Alps; 150 dead

    Doctors have come up with different labels for depression and the like, but it IS still depression and treatable without medication. Medicine does not cause people to suddenly have happy thoughts and have a better life. It is just the matter of the person steering himself/herself in the right...