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  1. Willy

    Who's going to NTID/RIT

    this fall?? I am - going to be a freshman. ;] :dance:
  2. Willy


    Anyone have old sidekick that you might want to give away? Let me know ;]
  3. Willy


    Brrrrrrrr.. anyone like this freezing weather in Northeastern???
  4. Willy

    How do you feel when...........

    All suddenly you got an email from someone that you do not know, and you open it & you go on, and read..unknown person tell you that your bestfriend got in an automobile accident and got killed by other driver....{the person was telling me specific where my bestfriend was in} I got all upset...
  5. Willy


    anyone like to be stoned???? i do...
  6. Willy

    Today I'm offically........

    SENIOR! Class of '04 rockkkk! What about you? What will u be? High school or College Froshie - Senior?
  7. Willy

    Retirement party

    Who's gonna retire from -I might will be one of them. -I dunno yet.
  8. Willy

    guess who game.

    guess who dis is? yeah its easy.
  9. Willy


    people in here gotta stop with 'ask me anything' thread... its making people stopping coming in here. Anyone agree? *or there should be new forum called 'Ask me anything'* instead of let people make thread in general forum. it's getting annoying.
  10. Willy


    When I tried to log out my username on alldeaf, it wouldn't let me. D even mentioned that too. Can it be fixed?
  11. Willy

    Deer Accident!

    Any1 got in deer accidents before?!? :cry: i did!!!! tonight... it was my first time getting in deer accident. The deer was still alive :D
  12. Willy

    Ever you physical abused your

    teacher in school? :naughty: Yep, I did. When I was in 3rd grade, I threw couple of wooden blocks at my teacher's head and I went up to her and hit her. Ooops!
  13. Willy

    If you could change your name

    What would it be? I would probably want to be Zack. I dunno why- I just picked that name out of blue!
  14. Willy

    Who like ER or Baywatch show?

    I do!! ER Rating: 10 out of 10!!! Baywatch Rating: 10 out of 10!!!
  15. Willy

    Aprils FooL day

    do you like aprils fool day? :mad2: NO i do not. people r talking about sucides & which they are just joking. *mocking* I am just joking!! that's dumbass.. no offense to u guys.
  16. Willy

    AD members

    Which AD members do u know VERY WELL? I know t e d d y and allisonjoy vewy well.
  17. Willy

    Help me try

    and FIND Wickedeyed! She hasnt been around!!! :cry:
  18. Willy

    Post picture of your webcam...

    Here's mine...
  19. Willy

    At hooters resturant..

    do u think your waitress had crush on you when you eat there before? Today I went there, and YES my waitress definitely had crush on me..
  20. Willy


    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! As right now, we have 40 more minutes 'till 8pm! :shock::shock: :shock: :shock: