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  1. Glenn

    Is it scam or legitimate?

    I have never heard of a legitimate employer doing business this way.
  2. Glenn

    Is it scam or legitimate?

  3. Glenn

    What's your dream musical instrument?

    A Fender Rhodes, just for fun.
  4. Glenn

    How would I fare out in this exercise regime?

    Junk food eating will catch up with you eventually.
  5. Glenn

    Romney bullying past?

    More yawn. The media tends to sensationalize because it attracts viewers or sells papers.
  6. Glenn

    How did you learn, or how are you learning, ASL?

    I learned by interacting with ASL users who were, for the most part, other deaf people. I took some ASL classes in university to meet the foreign language requirement.
  7. Glenn

    Romney bullying past?

    So much YAWN here. Who cares? It happened a long time ago.
  8. Glenn

    Why it's important to get a good grade in school....

    Who said there are sure bets in life?
  9. Glenn

    wow, a vintage Jeep Cherokee by me!!

  10. Glenn

    57' Chevy Belair cycle

    Nice ride.
  11. Glenn

    KristinaB's Garage Conversion

    Is this where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried? :lol:
  12. Glenn

    Go Driverless!!

    They tested it for 200,000 miles. I'm pretty sure they had to stop at least once. :)
  13. Glenn

    Supreme Court considers legality of Tasers

    Soldiers have a completely different job than police officers.
  14. Glenn

    Supreme Court considers legality of Tasers

    We pay for malpractice. Do you think doctors print money in their office to pay for it? That money comes from somewhere...think about it.
  15. Glenn

    Supreme Court considers legality of Tasers

    You do not know the whole story.
  16. Glenn

    A simple message...

    I just bought a truck from a private seller and he never asked me to show ID.
  17. Glenn

    Supreme Court considers legality of Tasers

    It would be insane if cops had hand-to-hand battles with suspects. Taking huge chances with lives that way. Cops have to take control of situations fast, otherwise things can and will get out of hand...and people die.
  18. Glenn

    Supreme Court considers legality of Tasers

    I think that a lot of police brutality videos don't show the whole story. The media has bias and does not always present a balanced view of events.
  19. Glenn

    Nitrous <> Super <> Turbo

    :lol: There are many stories like that on the Internet. One I remember was about a guy who poured brake cleaner in his crankcase and ran the engine on his Corvette or Camaro (can't remember which) and basically ruined the engine.
  20. Glenn

    Drunkest guy ever *must see*

    Must have been a bad hangover....