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  1. brotheryellow

    my eBook about being d/Deaf

    :wave:>CLICK HERE for FREE ebook until Jan 15th, then $4.99<:wave: Mod Edit: Admin-approved thread.
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    vote for best cover art for Deaf book

    help me pick cover art for my book "You Are Deaf, Congratulations: The Deafhood Journey and Understanding Audism" poll is here
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    I had another misunderstanding in Hearing Dominant Culture. They assume my nonverbal means wrong thing. Im trying to communicate, but they use my methodologies against me. Here is the story. Have you almost gotten in a barfight because someone assumed something wrong based on you being Deaf?:shock:
  4. brotheryellow

    Questionnaire on My Deafness

    I was interviewed and thought I would share my answers with you. I discovered that the more we learn about other Deaf experiences, it empowers us. view it here:wave:
  5. brotheryellow

    Deaf Rights Case

    a couple years ago I was let go from a deli job because of communication problems. I filed a disability discrimination case with EEOC but nothing came of it. apparently justice costs money :shock: but I couldnt even find a damn lawyer anyway who would take the case! read more here Has ADA...
  6. brotheryellow

    Deaf Dream

    I had a dream that made me think about something. Would they say someone in a wheelchair is fixed? NO, but they think CI's fix Deaf. It is lies.:zzz:
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    Noise cancelling hearing aids

    Some say tinnitus is god because of reasons I can't figure out because I don't like it. But I have new hearing aids that help cancel certain frequencies that make my life easier.
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    Being Deaf in Holographic Universe

    I am trying to use the Holographic Universe theory to convince Hearies that we are all connected and equal and interdependent. So I wrote about it in more detail if you are interested. But the key point in my opinion is that if we can convince the medical people to accept a more metaphysical...
  9. brotheryellow

    Swiss Cheese Model Of Communication

    I wrote a blog post about how we are all like a different piece of Swiss cheese with holes in it, and even hearing people have holes. Hearing aids do not fill the holes, they only make us into a different piece of cheese. My hope is that society will accept each piece of cheese for its'...
  10. brotheryellow

    Deaf Identity Theft

    Why did I not know who I am? I explore this in my most recent post on my blog. The painting is by Nancy Rourke. We can use writing and painting to express how we feel. The more people know what Deaf people think, the better. When did you learn about your Deafhood?
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    Deaf is Deaf

    For a second I got scared looking at this paper getting ready to write facing myself no punctuation, the situation the recognition, better recognize realize. blah blah blah gotta wanna wah wah yibidy yabity blah blah whatcha gotta say today. to. mor. row, yo gotta go hard o’ hearing...
  12. brotheryellow

    Misunderstanding At Coffeeshop

    My nonverbal didn't match her verbal. So she got mad at me. Why do people assume things that cause confusion? and then get angry at me as if I were intentionaly trying to miscommunicate? read my account here :mad:
  13. brotheryellow

    Handshape Dictionary

    It is like learning skateboarding.:dance: Its a better way to learn sign language. You learn the shapes, then the meanings. #musclememory I did short review of the book. I like how the categories are based on handshapes instead of themes, like family or school.:laugh2:
  14. brotheryellow

    Conspiracy Against Deaf

    we need Deaf teachers, Deaf police, Deaf politicians in equal ratio and proportion to Deaf population, same as other minorities.. here are my thoughts related to this matter and how we can change things :cool2:
  15. brotheryellow

    Is ASL Limiting?

    I read an article and was wondering why people are surprised that Deaf people think sign language gives us an advantage over hearing? So i wrote about it :roll:
  16. brotheryellow

    Is Gallaudet the Deaf Mecca in America?

    i blogged about this question I have been wondering.. If you want to read it and let me know what your opinions are if I should try to go there.. thanks! Gallaudet Deaf Mecca:wave:
  17. brotheryellow

    I wrote a poem

    Deaf Poem by Brotheryellow It is about my experience and I hope that my feelings will be understood by other Deaf who are in same boat. I wish I read more about Deaf experience growing up so I wouldnt have felt so isolated. thankfully we have internet now! enjoy ;)
  18. brotheryellow

    Angry Deaf Man

    Hello, I posted on my blog here it is called Angry Deaf Man about how I really feel sometimes. I wrote this last year, but finally got the nerve to share it. and I hope that you can know that you are not alone in how you feel. The internet has helped me by letting me see others who write about...
  19. brotheryellow

    Everyone Should Have Hearing Aids

    i just blogged about this idea that digital signal processors can be like an iphone or ipod and its just another technology that can benefit everyone. It can also mute sounds out that are annoying! Hear what you want, and not what you dont! Everyone Should Have Hearing Aids | Brotheryellow :wave:
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    Deaf listen better than Hearies

    True Listening | Brotheryellow aphasia: …meaning may be fully grasped even when every word is missed …sensitive to ‘tone’ and feeling -All of Nature is In a Constant “Conversation” (Backster Effect). -Every living thing is intimately attuned to its environment. listening with your...