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    I'm a friendly guy worth your time and looking for a new circle!

    Hi, my name is Derek and it's nice to meet you all who just logged into this forum and be curious about what kind of guy I am and what I am looking for in a person. I just joined to give myself a chance to see if people can really interact and actually end up with someone. I never usually use...
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    Friendly guy here! Ladies and Gentlemen read!

    Hi, my name is Derek and I am deaf and hard of hearing. My hearing aid does not mean I am hearing as we all know. We still cannot hear 100% once we take it off no matter what! I am an artist, visionary, skateboarder. Gamer and more. I just registered this today because I want to interact with...
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    Offensive prank by a guy who claims to know sign language? Make it VIRAL!

    I know I should introduce myself in the first place and I will. I had to register here and voice my mind because everyone deserves to know. I am deaf and hard of hearing but I am deaf anyways once I take out that hearing aid. I am extremely offended and outraged by this man who claims to use...