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    Anyone here a birdwatcher?

    I am...:D
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    Deaf Mosaic by Gallaudet University

    Do anyone know if name "Deaf Mosaic" as in old TV show by Gallaudet University has copyright or trademark? I did copyright and trademark database search, there was none? :confused:
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    I don't understand some hearie people *sigh*

    I dont understand why some hearie don't even try to communicate with me through VRS, when they don't want to do or can't do IM or email. I am trying to be flexible. What are they afraid of? Lack of privacy? Time-consuming? The accents of interpreters, thus not understanding? I explained...
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    Programmer, Engineer, Designer?

    Any of you or do you know someone who is android/iOS programmer or electronic engineer or product designer? I wanted to find out about what it takes to develop app for mobile device to interacts with external kit/device/toy/add-on. Thanks! ~Lily
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    Buy a place

    So I am wondering can one get mortgage while have no job, and being on SSDI if the person make 50-60% downpayment and still have enough savings to cover the entire mortgage payments for years to come. Any advice or experience with this situation? Do you know where I find realtor or lender...
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    Buying a place

    I stopped working few years ago when my health spiraling downward but my health is slowly improving. I wanted to move to larger deaf community and I haven't decide where yet. I am on SSDI, and I have no other consistent income however I have large savings and portfolio to buy small condo...
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    Hi all...former lurker

    I have been lurking for a while...i thought it is time for me to dive in. :wave: I am deaf since the birth, and I am in my 30's. I am seek friendship, long term relationship, and advices on deaf-related issues. By the way, can anyone tell me who is administrator or moderator? I tried to...
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    SSDI, large downpayment, eligible for small mortgage?

    I stopped working a few years ago after my health spiraling downward. I don't see myself working regular full time job anytime soon. I am trying to return to work part time later this year but with current not so pretty employment rate, and being deaf, it seems like a fat chance. At the...