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    Should deaf studies(history/culture) and asl classes be offered at all american public schools?

    Hello, my name is Candice Smith. I have had friends through the years who are deaf and I myself was diagnosed with Méniére's in 2010, I believe I have it easy compared to some others I've met with the same, mine is not as active, but when it rears it's ugly heard, its very aggravating and even...
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    Looking for someone to share Valentine's Day!!

    I'm tired of being single on Valentine's Day!! I actually have never had a guy take me out for a dinner date on Valentine's Day. I'm hoping for a change this year. I want a nice, respectful guy to take me out to dinner and maybe a movie or something else on Valentine's Day. And who knows he...
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    Hearing woman looking for a good school for degree in ASL Interpreting????????

    I'm considering going to college to become and ASL Interpreter. I'm planning on doing my first 2 years at my local community college, and then plan to transfer to a 4 year college/university. I'm not sure which schools have good ASL Interpreter degree programs. I live in North Carolina but I am...
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    Hello from Greenville, NC!!

    I'm a hearing woman, who is interested in meeting more deaf and hoh people. I'm seriously considering going back to college to become an ASL interpreter. I co-founded the ASL Club at my high school my senior year. My grandfather went deaf in his left ear @ 10 or 11 years old. I also have...