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    So annoyed about that deaf chat room

    What features would you guys wanted in a deaf chat room? I am curious.
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    new georgia guy

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    ASL vs Englsih Cultural Clashes

    Okay I am late to the party but here it goes. I agreed it is both cultural and attitude and sometime it didn't even get clear up through use of the interpreter. There are ASL signs and gestures means something different for hearie. For instance...the wave down sign/gesture. When deaf...
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    If there was anything in world....?

    Go for it! What's stopping you? Don't let your learning disability stopping you. It was harder for me to figure out who I wanted to be when I was in my early 20's, it is a lot easier in my 30's now because I know what is important and valuable to me. I agreed.
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    vacation plans with asl?

    Look up They conduct scuba diving adventure trips every year. For nondiving trips, look up Hands on Travel at Hands On Travel - small, customized tours given through direct communication I am sure there is a few more out there, but those two comes to my mind :D
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    Do you feel sorry for any hearing loss

    I am sad? be honest I do envy those without hearing loss because they face less struggles and frustrations. For me it is more of being disappointed and upset at people who choose to not look past my deafness and give me the chance or any other deaf people chance because they felt it is...
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    So What's The Catch?

    The guy is a rare gem!
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    Wife seek revenge for cheating?... Geez.. (graphic video)

    Both the guy and the girl should be thrown off :)
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    I need friends!!! :)

    You have tarantula? :eek3: Tell us the story!
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    Hate your own family??

    I am late to this party...but here it goes.. Sometimes they don't changes even if you sit down and let them know how your feelings. Takes it from me. Laura, I feel you dont really understand...So count yourself blessed and lucky. What grummer experienced is not love, so why should he love...
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    How are you feeling today?....

    Reeling from being so sick last two weeks, dizzy, nauseous, nasty stuff coming out of two ends, can't eating, glued to bed, sleepy, totally wiped out. Hence my absence from AD.
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    Cat was used to smuggle cellphone into Russian prison.

    It isn't first time it is the article: Another cat accused of smuggling cell phone into jail | Technically Incorrect - CNET News Derek, if cats can be trained to carry cell phones into jail in two different place-Brazil and Russia--soon cat can learn to clap. :D Maybe...
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    Picture of your pets

    My tri-color Papillon "Lily Roses" :D
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    Picture of your pets

    Is she a Sun Conure? I've thought about getting myself Turqouise Green Cheeked Conure or Nanday Conure someday :) What breed is your dog? It appears to be long-hair Chihuahua or a mutt with chihuahua or papillion hertiage. The frill tail is tell-tale sign :)
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    Southern Mississippi

    Why not combined medical and ASL? Medical-certified ASL interpreter? :D By the way, welcome!
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    Southern Mississippi

    Yep! Smart dog, aren't they?
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    New & Hoping To Learn

    In some ways I do experience the same thing except I was born deaf. I have a few "gifts" taken away from me, and it let me learn what is important to me. Anyway, like you I do need to find more social opportunities. I am serious considering relocate to larger deaf community for better social...
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    First year ASL student

    :welcome: This forum is good place to learn about deaf culture and ASL. There are other sites where you can learn about deaf culture, but has no forum, as far as I know of.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    ^^^^Regards posts above....hope you didn't signing to yourself and there are someone nearby who can understands what you are saying! Lol! If they do, tell them you are rehearse for scene in a play.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Invites me! Go for solo, not tandem if you can! :D