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  1. Downbythe.bai

    Friends to sign with

    I’d love to set up a Skype call and practice with you!
  2. Downbythe.bai

    Anyone my age I'm 15

    I’m 17. I would love to chat with you!
  3. Downbythe.bai

    Looking for friends to sign with

    Maybe we can set up a Skype call? I am also currently taking ASL 2 and would love to have someone to practice with.
  4. Downbythe.bai


    Thank you!
  5. Downbythe.bai

    New to All

    I would love to help you practice and I could use it too!
  6. Downbythe.bai

    Hard of hearing girl from U.K

    I would love to chat! Message me!
  7. Downbythe.bai

    disposable friend

    I am looking for new friends to communicate with: I promise I won’t ditch you
  8. Downbythe.bai

    Person Below Me

    Only of my free choice. TPBM: What is the most interesting experience you’ve had as a deaf person?
  9. Downbythe.bai

    ASL Video Chat??

    I would love to help!
  10. Downbythe.bai

    Skype or video chat?

    I would love to help!
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    I would love to help!
  12. Downbythe.bai


    Hello! My name is Bailey. I’m 17 and currently enrolled in ASL 2. I’m looking for a deaf friend to chat with as I expand my vocabulary.
  13. Downbythe.bai

    Looking for Signing friend

    I am not deaf, but I am looking for someone to sign with as well! Message me if you’d like to!