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    Dentist office may have violated my rights-did they?

    I filled out the low income forms and went to my dentist appointment. Everything was smooth till the end. I went to establish myself as a patient with a tooth pain. The hygienist took xrays of my teeth. The hygienist bumped my new glasses and I was told to be still. The xray tube stayed...
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    Is getting food thrown at you legal?

    I was collecting my plate of food at a senior center and moved on to get napkins and straws. suddenly a bag of fruits, mayonnaise and mustered packets landed beside my tray with a loud boom, hitting my hand and tray. I turned to the server and told her twice never throw food at me again. the...
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    Any deaf meets in Fayetteville , Tyrone and Peachtree city area in Georgia?

    I lipread but would like to learn ASL if I can
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    What would you do if you were asked to speak in public while deaf?

    senior center is a place where 60 or older goes to eat lunch provided by a county/state. they also provide trips, classes, and other things like games , quilting and art. each month they celebrate birthdays to those with birthdays of that month. they do some nice things like serve you lunch...
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    How much do interpreters charge for a state/county public business?

    Like a senior center hiring an interpreter for me as a deaf person during events. I would think the fees would be different for the state or county.
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    What hearing aid would you recommend for severe-profound loss (in 2018)?

    need recommendations on shopping for a new hearing aid
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    having wife to interpret for me?

    --reasonable commendations - case by case bases---??? Here is my case. I go to a senior center but never do well with hearing others (profound hearing loss - rather use, "deaf") and staff that makes announcements and answer questions. One day-a staff told me it was mandatory to come to...
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    Hearing Dogs

    I'm interested in getting a hearing dog or dog for the deaf in the Atlanta area. I have no clue where to begin. Please give me some suggestions regarding in getting a hearing dog. Thanks
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    Hearing aid batteries-freshness online?

    I did, once, order Hearing aid batteries online and found them to be a year older than the ones you buy at an an audiologist office. Is there an on-line battery shop that would sell fresher batteries?
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    SS and healthcare plan?

    I'm wondering if the Democrats or the Republicans supports the deaf culture. I'm asking who did a good thing for the deaf regarding Social Security and it's benefits and ADA. Who supports better than the other? Is there anything in Obama's new healtcare plan that will benefit the deaf culture?
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    Experts on SSDI's

    Reading articles at the Social Security website is quite large. I have so many options and each option calls for a different treatments. I have so many questions and not sure what I can do and can't do. How do you guys go about finding an expert to advise you on SSi and SSDI? Perhaps a layer can...
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    Obama on disabilities?

    I 'm wondering about the politics of Obama on disabilities. I've read that Obama did something good for the disabilities and wonder what they were. Can anyone list comparisons on disabilities between McCain and Obama? Would have McCain done better on the politics of disabilities than Obama or...
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    Unemployment-then disability?

    Unemployment rules are mighty confusing. I can draw unemployment if I'm physically and mentally able. The Social security office tells me to draw unemployment first and live off that and then come see us to file for disability. If I draw unemployment, then that will tell the social security...
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    Using WebTel to listen to answering machines?

    How do you use the WebTel to listen to what's left on your answering machines?
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    Average hearing threshold sensitivity ?

    I'm looking into drawing Disability from SS after 30 years of full time employment with lots of credits. I hear at 70 decibels under 250 freq. I hear 80db at maybe 350, 90 at 400, 100 at 500 and the rest is off the chart. I'm wondering what 90 decibels means at the SS website? Below I posted a...
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    10% penalty for early withdrawal of 401K? SS?

    I will be laid off after 25 years at my company. I'm server-Profound hearing loss with strong hearing aids. I will need to withdraw all my 401K at this time. I understand I will have to pay taxes on the withdrawal as well as a 10% penalty fee. I've heard that the social security offices might be...
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    "Turn your Hearing Aid up!"

    Is it nice for a boss to tell you to turn your hearing aid up in front of workers. The workers laughed of course. That's embarrassing. Perhaps a hearing dog would help.
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    Training materials for me by me?

    I've, as a severely hard of hearing, gained some talent in a large corporation and I'm wondering ADA applies to materials to help me train others how to use a workflow I've designed. The best way I can teach others how to use Photoshop (image editor) and it's workflow is to use a "screen...
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    Workmates skipping relay

    What the best way to explain others that we , too, want to be part of the work envoriment? How do you explain that you would like to be included in important workflow information by having them to make an effort to use the relay system. If the ADA requires that the deaf via relay should get a...