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    friend from lansing, mi

    looking for my friend susie hickey (i think she remarried then got divorced. i don't know married last name) we met at madonna college. i moved to lansing and found her moving there too. her son is david and had another son too. let her know that i am looking for her. she should be in around 60...
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    I am responsible for my son's hearing loss.

    my mom didn't want me to be born, all because i am a girl. my brother had a german measles and she took him to hospital and got better. me? i caught the virus of it. did she took care of me? no. she abandoned me and have my dad or oldest "little" sis took care of me. they didn't realized i lost...
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    Who is long married and how long to the same person

    dating my husband for 3 mths, got married in 6 mths and been married for 30 yrs. i mean total of 9 mths is really weird. we don't believe in divorced, we have our up and down but we managed it. have 2 kids and love them.
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    NY Court: Parents Can Spank Their Kids

    wow, we get spanking a lots when we were kids, with belt, stick and hand. one time mom slapping me so hard that my nose bleed. there was neighbor guy who hate kids (never have children of his own). if we step our feet on his lawn, i mean, come on, it's doesn't hurt. we don't always walk on it...
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    why do interpreter hate hearing

    sometime i don't trust them and i never have one to help me. i depend on my husband who is hearing. we were steady 3 months, and then 6 months later we got married, it's been 30 yrs and still together. i was with another deaf guy for 2 year then one month before the wedding he broke up with me...
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    my mom got mad at me for not joining the navy like my 2 brothers did. oldest sister had twin boys and other sister in college. i know they can't accept me cuz i am hearing impaired. mom kept telling me u aren't hearing impaired, it's just that u hear less. huh? what heck different. i, too, want...
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    iSearch Project: "How Hearing People View the Deaf"

    try to go to library to learn about deaf/hearing impaired world.
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    it's crazy world

    thank everyone i know it's tough. my husband and children helped me a lot. my daughter got a degree in psychology and she helped me too. they know that my parents are crazy. i never treated them like my parents did. giving them freedom and love them as much as possible.
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    it's crazy world

    hello all, ever have a parents that controlling u just cuz u are deaf. i was only deaf in last in 5 family. this was in the 50's, it's not an easy world which there was no such things as child abuse. mom didn't want to be pregnant and when i was born, she's abandon me. an alcoholic dad and my...