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    About to get my first hearing aides

    Within a week or two. I am very nervous yet excited at the same time. My mother said that it can be frustrating at first. My family is very excited. I think they have some unrealistic expectations though. My husband though I was going to sleep in them! I think they assume the close captioning...
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    Don Jon

    Not that I care to see a Jersey Shore type movie, which this appears close in a few way, but it has Joseph Gordon-Levitt that wrote, directed, and starred in it. And JGL was little ole Tommy on 3rd Rock from the Sun! I hope he does well...he sure has blossomed well!! :giggle:
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    I want to read...

    ...some of the hardest reads. Like Finnegans Wake, The Silmarillion, and Ulysses. If I have to..................just add them to my library. :giggle: What are you reading, or want too?
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    Hello from NC

    Hi. It was great to find this site. I am HOH, as all the women in my family are. We have otosclerosis so it is bound to just get worse. I am trying to learn ASL at home and teach my 3 year old grandson. So I will read around the forum now. Just so glad to find a place with people who understand...