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  1. Ephesians2_8

    best cellphone?

    Hi, what is the best Cellphone for someone who still can't understand telephones, but have a hearing husband who can use emails through his cellphone. My husband already have verizon account and I hope I can something through them that is not so expensive because I don't talk to people much. I...
  2. Ephesians2_8

    Vibrant® Soundbridge

    SOUNDBRIDGE TECHNOLOGY The Vibrant® Soundbridge® is a new category of implantable middle ear hearing device. The Soundbridge is an implant that directly vibrates the small bones in the middle ear. It is the first implantable middle ear hearing device approved by the FDA as a safe and...
  3. Ephesians2_8

    Don't you wish..

    that you have a closer audiologist who can do mapping. I hate driving 3 hours just for mapping. I think we need to speak up on this because of growing number of people getting CI.