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    AT&T DSL Customers

    My friend and I live in same city, he uses AT&T U-Verse and I use cable. I have cable and is dedicated 100% to internet use only. I don't watch TV with cable, I have an antenna (free subscription) and Dish Network. I love Dish Network! The cable is hooked to WI-FI router for my computer...
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    Ubi Duo for sale

    OK, price reduced to $250.
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    Ubi Duo for sale

    I have a pair of Ubi Duo for sale. They have been sitting in my office for a long time, collecting some dust. Works great. Paid $1000 in 2006. $500 OBO. Local pick-up in Southern California. If you're not in Southern California, I can ship them to you, but you have to pay for...
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    Gene Simmons Family Jewels no CC on Dish (in HD)??

    Anyone watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels on Dish Network? If so, do you see this show with CC?
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    America Largest 4G Network?? Pftt my ass Tmobile!

    There's NO such as 4G. It's all marketing. See the link: 4g-is-a-myth-and-confusing: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
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    Which one good BMW, LEXUS or Jag

    Go with a BMW. You can get either 1-series, 3-series, 5-series, 6-series or 7-series. All of them are great cars. The most popular model is a 3-series because they are more affordable. If you bought a newer BMW car (like 1 year old), it comes with 4 year, 50,000 mile free maintenance. I...
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    Sarah Palin signing ILY - cool

    Sarah was in Henderson, Nevada (10/21/2008).
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    Can I use wifi with my sorenson vp200?

    Diehardbiker, I admire your experience and intelligence in configuring Linksys router and VP-200. I have a Linksys WRT54G version 6 wireless router. I would like to hook it up with my VP-200 using the Ethernet cable (wired). I will use wireless only for my laptop. I understand that my...
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    PLEASE help me for ASL class!

    1) How do you know if your car is being broken into? Is there a light or vibration system that alerts you? I have a LoJack Early Warning system in my car. When someone moves my car without my permission, I'll be notified by LoJack's text message and e-mail on my Sidekick 3 cell phone. 2)...
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    WD-40 ... Many uses for WD-40 spray can

    You can use PAM cooking oil spray on your satellite dish, so the snow & ice won't stick to it. -madmax
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    Men's Colognes

    I'm a guy and I use Calvin Klevin cologne...but the problem is that the "smell" fades away in about an hour. Isn't there any better cologne that'll last all day? Women's perfumes usually last nearly all day (Real parfume/perfumes are usually cost more than eau de toiletee). Why can't the...
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    I hate december- bad day today- need to vent

    You need to move to California. It's warm and it doesn't even snow (but we do get snow in the mountains). -madmax
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    Help me find a car

    diehardbiker65's right. The Jeep's 4.0L engine is considered "bulletproof", I've heard some Jeep owners are still driving their Jeeps beyond the 200,000 mile mark, so it's possible to go beyond 300k. The 4.0L is going to be a "legend", everyone will miss it because Diamler-Chrysler will stop...
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    Wanted: Part-time house maid - Riverside, California

    Wanted: Part-time house maid. Deaf, HOH or hearing. Pay: Approximately $30/week, work only 3 to 4 hours a week, usually on weekends. Qualifications: Some hotel work (as a hotel maid) is a plus. Experience in cleaning windows, shower doors, vaccumming, etc. You must be able to lift 20...
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    What Job or Career are you in?

    I work for the government as a Geographic Information System Analyst... I analyze, create, and update digital layers (like cake layers) of parcels, cities, zoning, earthquake fault lines, road centerlines, etc. They can be put together to create a map. These maps are for the various...
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    Realtime Death Counter

    Want to know the date of your death? Put down birthdate, M or F, smoking, etc then hit the button to find out the date of your death. -madmax
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    James Dean

    RIP James Dean, 1931-1955 Today is 50 years anniversary since his death resulted by automobile accident. He was only 24. If he's alive today, he would be 74. Watch the movie, so you can understand how it happened on September 30, 1955 at 5:45 PM. (Requires QuickTime)...
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    Have you saw ghost or heard rumor ghost is out there?

    I believe in ghosts... they are real. Most of time they're harmless. I have read about says that some ghost remain in the same spot or same location where they died. Click the link below: This is a very interesting lists...
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    Allah or Jesus? Very interesting!

    Allah or Jesus? by Rick Mathes Last month I attended my annual training session that's required for maintaining my state prison security clearance. During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who...
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    Hod do you deal with annoying hearies in public??

    98% of my time I spend in a hearing world. When a hearie talks to me, I tell him/her "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I am deaf". I usually try to communicate with him/her in body language and sometimes lipreading. Most of time it happens to me while I'm in the elevator at work. I work in a...