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    Deaf Email Server

    Anyone know of an email server run by the Deaf ? There used to be like 3. One was out of Las Vegas. Thanks !
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    Cochlear America Recall

    Bionic ear maker Cochlear recalls hearing implants - Yahoo! News SYDNEY (AP) — Bionic ear maker Cochlear has been forced to begin a global recall of the world's thinnest hearing implants after some stopped working. The Sydney-based company, which dominates the world's bionic ear market, said...
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    ATT Atruix Cellphone

    Anyone using this phone yet ? Pros ? Cons ?
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    Should the IPhone 4 be Recalled ??

    Will Apple Recall the iPhone 4? | Technology | Smart Spending | Mainstreet What is your input ?
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    Do You Use Purple for Relay Services ?

    If you use Purple for relay services... Do you plan on keep using Purple after Purple admitting to overbilling FCC or do you plan on using another VRS provider ? Why ?
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    FCC Just Issued 4 Month Extension on 800/866 Numbering System

    Videophones will be able to go back to using their local numbers to make point to point calls as it was before the Nov 12th deadline.
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    VPAD Owners....

    Have you heard or found out what will happen with the VPADs now that SnapVRS own Viable ?
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    Zvrs Ojo for 39 dollars...

    Anyone have trouble getting it ? What is your opinon of Zvrs ? Some people have been trying to get the Ojo for 39 dollars and have not had any call back from Zvrs to place their order... I think it is weird that a salesperson have to call you just to order it . Why not let us order it...
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    Any ATT Bold Users ?

    I just got the ATT Bold... and it is awesome. Looking for any feedback...
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    Ojo out the door... Sorenson back...

    Due to Ojo stll not sending me the new real number in 24 days, I disconnected it. Took out my VP 200 and hooked it back up and got both new 10 digit number and VP to VP 800 number within one hour. Now that I call good service !!! HURRAY for SORENSON ..:wave:
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    It is ILLEGAL to sell a videophone you receive for free from a provider such as Sorenson or CSD etc. the devices still belong to the company and you most likely signed a form agreeing not to give away nor sell the videophone equipment. If the company catches you, they will ban you from...