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    What Are Jobs Deaf People Can't Do?

    Really? I didn't know that. How do they interpret?
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    Baby number 3!

    Awww, cute baby. :) Congratulations on your newest member of your family!
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    What Are Jobs Deaf People Can't Do?

    Yes, we can do pretty much everything despite our hearing loss. But what are jobs deaf people can't do? I can think of two: sign language interpreter and telephone work.
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    Helen Keller

    I admire Helen Keller as she did amazing things despite her deafblindness :)
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    When Listening to Music...

    ^ Thanks for the advice. I wasn't entirely sure. I've been thinking of getting a Phonak Com-Pilot. I have an appointment set up with my audiologist on February 1, so I'll bring it up then.
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    When Listening to Music...

    When I listen to music with headphones, I take off my hearing aid to avoid feedback, in order to hear the music, I crank up the volume to the highest possible. On my phone, it says that if you listen at high volume for a long period of time, hearing damage may occur. Well, since I have a...
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    Going deaf in Florida

    Hello :) welcome to All Deaf :) I am sorry for your sudden hearing loss :( being deaf and HOH is great in my opinion but I was born with it, so I understand that being late deafened is a whole different experience. There are quite a few late deafened people on All Deaf though so you're not alone...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi :) welcome :)
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    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hi! Welcome! Good luck on your career and learning ASL. :D
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    Hi! It's wonderful that you're learning ASL. :) Self-teaching is good, but it'd be great if you surround yourself with the Deaf community and even taking lessons taught by a real ASL instructor. :) Welcome to All Deaf :D
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    Hi :) I'm almost 15, so you're not much older than me :) I'm hard-of-hearing in one ear and deaf in the other :) anyway welcome!!
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    deaf accent!

    I have a moderately-severe to severe hearing loss in my left ear and a profound hearing loss in my right. With my HA, I still have a deaf accent, of course. I can speak too high or too low. I can speak too fast or too slow. Sometimes my speech is slurred. I pronounce all 's' and 'sh' and 'c'...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    Today at school one of my classmates noticed my hearing aid and my FM system and she asked me about it. I explained about my hearing loss and she said sadly "I'm sorry, that must really suck". I told her that there was no reason for her to be sorry for me and having a hearing loss doesn't suck...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    Did you know that scientists are trying to come up with a cure for deafness? Not sure if it'd work out, but crazy idea :O
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    Is deafness a "handicap?"

    Old thread but bumping it up :laugh2: I don't consider deafness a handicap. A minor disability yes because we're not able to hear or hear well and it does affect our lives and some of us need accommodations. But handicap? No! :roll:
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    That's an excellent point! It would've been wonderful for hearies to have a viewpoint on deafness :hmm:
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    Wow, that's a lot of CI-lovers! :) I did have my CI mapped several times and I did try to stimulate and excercise with my brain and CI. But 6 years, it didn't work much for me. I'm happier with my hearing aid. :)
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    This is really interesting to see your points of view! I can relate to the some of you that do want their hearing cured. It makes sense that the late-deafened would rather have their hearing rather than the born-deaf/HOH. Jane B., good point. I like not being woken up easily by lawn mowers...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    :wave: hi! The majority of us have CIs. A lot have HAs. Several don't use them at all. In my left ear, I have a moderately severe hearing loss, so I'm not qualified for a CI, I have a powerful Phonak Naida Q RIC hearing aid. In my right, I was officially diagnosed with a severe hearing...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    Let's say that doctors had invented a cure for hearing loss. :hmm: like a pill, once you swallow it, you'll have 100% normal hearing, no deafness anymore. Would you take it if it was such a thing? As for me, I wouldn't take it. Yeah, being moderately-to-severely HOH in one ear and fully deaf...