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  1. SherryCherish

    Aww thought its so cute!...

    I Do Dog Tricks type such like bark, fetch, roll over, sit, down, stand, jump, shake, dance, sing, play dead, lick, kiss, etc..
  2. SherryCherish


    A new additional child! Taylor.. Born July 23, 2007 2:13am 7lbs 2 oz 20 and half length. a healthy boy! a week old.
  3. SherryCherish

    any advice about laptop/notebook

    Been consider to buy a laptop/notebook. But I'm looking for a notebook with wireless internet and enthanent from my internet. Anyway, wonder what I should aware to pick or do not pick? Any goods. Webcam include good? or not? I am not aware about it so, anyone would help me here, from...
  4. SherryCherish


    I'm pretty exciting, i'm expecting another one, due on July 26, and, i'm 15 weeks along. and so far saw ultrasound, its a boy!
  5. SherryCherish

    candy wrapper

    Hi, thought to share my creative. A candy wrapper which i use mini hersey candies, to wrap for my daughter "Tinkerbell" Chantel 's first birthday party, which i did same with my son with his first birthday. the pictures will show u clearly what i meant. here.. top of hersey...
  6. SherryCherish

    Pic of Christmas

    Since i created a thread about decorte xmas. Thought to created a pictures of anything christmas u like to share with. If you don't want to, that's fine, u have right for ur own privacy. I like share mine. My Xmas Tree My fireplace I will going take pic of my kids with...
  7. SherryCherish

    decorte xmas? anyone

    Wonder when you gonna or ur traditonal to decorte xmas tree and decorte outside? As for outside, we did 3 weeks ago, since warm out there. as for inside, we just done with xmas tree and decorte inside of house last Sunday. (traditonal, we usually do that before/after weekend from...
  8. SherryCherish

    Flu shots

    all of my family and i got flu shots yesterday. Oh boy it was alots people there. But service was so fast. They did a good job, there. I think flu shots are good for kids since alots germs/bacteria in the air at school or whereever! But my son has a special shot cuz allergy egg. It didn't...
  9. SherryCherish

    look how koala is scarier

    Koala, Ur re best for October! (vampire koala?) mm' I don't think its a bad hair.. (that how she woke up!) is that you? haha.. Let talk about you.. Wonder why ur nickname koala? U have koala? or love them? Have u ever hold koala? Hope that bright ur...
  10. SherryCherish

    Looking for home system

    I hope one of y'all helping me out. I been tried use goggle. Nothing I'm looking for. Anyway I'm looking for notification system for deaf in the house installion. Please give me some websites here, thanks :)
  11. SherryCherish

    where r u, AJ?!?

    We all miss you here. We know you have life going on there. I just want to say Happy Birthday to you, and we all won't forget you here, "hottie surfer!" eh :)
  12. SherryCherish

    whats most popular pdas, u might want to know.

    here the website. I'm drool over Sony Vaio, its small alike laptop. Bad about it, under Cingualr :(
  13. SherryCherish

    Pda/ Hsdpa

    I'm sorry I just happened read some forums/thread here. I just want to know whats HSDPA? is it "High Speed Downlink Packet Access"? Whats good about it? :hyper: :dunno: Which PDA going have it? Just out of curious.
  14. SherryCherish

    See what I took pic..

    found a baby bird on my yard. Poor bird, already dead, guess fell from tree. Bird was alive for 2 days. My favorite Starglaze flower.. Love its smell. Enjoy see the pics, thought to took them before go on vacation. :)
  15. SherryCherish

    u know its REMIND ME....

    a member from AD, always say "HYAH!" I think u got this clue.. I found it and it surely remind that person LOL...
  16. SherryCherish

    Laser Eye

    I like to know if anyone did Laser eye? Or their opinion? I aware myself and most deafness do not want Laser eye, cuz it can lose their sight in future since we already lost our hearing. But, I read most laser eyes of risk, said it can be possibly, but unusually. So wonder if anyone...
  17. SherryCherish

    Mmmm' Why you have to

    LOOK HERE? :hyper: oh no, i'm big trouble! :ugh3: :naughty: Hehe, I guess I'm just goofy here.. by the way, hope you enjoy here and I just love smiley here (I know I'm :crazy: but how can u bear up w/ me here lol)
  18. SherryCherish

    See what i found, a POOL geez, that person must be out of mind!
  19. SherryCherish

    Thought to say to Y'all

    Have a Great and Long Memeorial Weekend! I would not be here tonite til Monday. Gone to camping with my family. Gonna be a sunny and hot weather. But hope no humids here. Thought to post this early since won't be here tomorrow. Peeps, you better behaves, you hear me, LOL...
  20. SherryCherish

    About toys weapons

    I'm very curious, about anyone who believe or not believe about toys weapon like gun, knife, etc for kids to play. My good friend is totally against for their kids to play toys gun, even water guns. I just want to know what people's thoughts, and curious why they don't believe in it...