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  1. EmmaLouz


    Please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place, wasn’t sure where to post it beside wearing your hearing aids to bed what do you use to alert you if you can’t hear your security alarm going off in event of a break in?
  2. EmmaLouz

    Waterproof Hearingaids

    has anyone ever heard of this where they make waterpoof hearingaids i always wonder since i was little. i hated having to turn off my hearing aids putting it in a case to go swimming or taking a shower whenever i am home alone. i am about to do some research about it but has anyone ever had or...
  3. EmmaLouz

    A Very Random Question.

    Does any Members here thats from Atlanta, Georgia went to Atlanta Area School For The Deaf (AASD)? Was just wondering about this
  4. EmmaLouz

    Hi there!

    hi there Emily here i have visited this site before but never really joined at all so i thought of coming here and thought it was time to join this site and reconnect with my deaf heritage since its been awhile. so here i am :-) feel free to message me i dont bite! ;-) lol and ask questions...