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  1. whitneyscottasl

    Hey everyone! I want to work close with you on a project.

    I developed an app to translate just fingerspelling using the RealSense RGBD camera. It worked reasonably well for a C++ project I threw together in 45 days, but it was not as accurate as would be needed for satisfactory fingerspelling translation in a real-world situation. That's typically what...
  2. whitneyscottasl

    real deaf programmers?

    Would you be interested in collaboration? Here's a project I want to udpate
  3. whitneyscottasl

    real deaf programmers?

    I started with BASIC. Man - that was ages ago, but it was pretty easy for high schoolers to learn in the 80s when computers did not even have hard drives. Since then, I've picked up Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SQLi, PDO, C++, and a bit of NodeJS as well as React. I don't work as a professional...
  4. whitneyscottasl

    who are deaf programmers or deaf students in programming ?

    I know this thread is pretty old, but I just found it now. I've used PHP, MySQL, SQL, SQLi, PDO, JavaScript, Java, C++ and VBA. Mostly it's been for an app to study ASL. I want to update the app using ReactJS, but just not finding time - especially with my new job at Tyler Junior College (Tyler...
  5. whitneyscottasl

    ASL professor and programmer

    I work at Tyler Junior College teaching ASL. I joined the Deaf community when I was about 25. I wish I had known about it earlier! I grew up in hearing schools, but really found a need for something different in high school. I program on the side - creating an app for practicing ASL vocabulary...