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    not sure if i count? but hello!

    Welcome. Hearing and life in general is a spectrum. You are on your journey and trying your best to navigate in this world. Nice to meet you :)
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    Self Inflicted Deafness

    That is a level of honesty some can't muster. I don't know if it cost you to share but I appreciate your candor and willingness to help another.
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    I don't know any speech therapists or lip readers; sorry Analog.
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    Nail Polish while signing poll

    Hello everyone, I am a student of ASL while working to become a Deaf Advocate for my mental health care agency. In class; I noticed that the girls that wore darker nail polish in class were easier for me to understand. As if the handshape was highlighted and therefore easier to read; is this...
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    How to accept being deaf

    I watched this recently and found it helpful / eye opening.
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    Living with deaf husband

    There are a lot of helpful places to learn sign language. Bill Vicars is a Deaf ASL professor that posts his lectures on Youtube. Start at the beginning videos; I've found that helpful. ASLpro is another helpful site; especially the fingerspelling quizzes. Great places to start; hope this...
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    Correct me if I am wrong guys but doesn't it say "Hey, everything ok?"
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    What does email mean to hearing people?

    norm 1. something that is usual, typical, or standard Norm as in normal. The normative practice or expected norm. In an online program; the "norm" would mean corresponding by email. Hope this helps :)
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    What does email mean to hearing people?

    Email is probably the preferred method of communication with professors here in the US. Especially right now. I'm sorry to hear you've had difficulties obtaining your education due to lack of access. Have you tried online courses where emails would be the norm? Good luck!
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    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    I live in Missouri and found this quite helpful. Thank you so much.
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    Hi! Looking to make friends and to practice/improve my ASL.

    Welcome to the site. I am enrolled in ASL IV this semester and have also been looking for fluency practice. My name is Ellie. I am also 32. I work in the mental health care field and am my agencies Deaf Advocate. If you would like to practice sometime; I'd be happy to try. Take care
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    Wonderful Deaf Culture lecture from a Deaf man.

    I watched this today and found it powerful. I want Deaf individuals to know that there are mental health professionals like myself trying everyday to learn and do our part. We see you and want to help. You are special. Find us and reach out. We are allies that would like a chance, same as anyone...
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    Looking for more in depth practice

    Hi Katie My name is Ellie and I am currently enrolled to take ASL in the fall. It would be nice to practice and keep my skills up before the class starts. If you are interested; we could try to practice sometime and see how it goes.
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    Should I fight for an interpreter?

    Deaf schools can be hours away, expensive and just not an option for some families. What a small minded and spiteful comment. A mother asks for help and you give a flippant remark like that; shame. I hope you are met with the same warmth when you ask for help.
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    Should I fight for an interpreter?

    Of course you'd fight for your son's right. Doing what is right is not always popular. I hope your son is learning from you how to stand up for his rights for himself in the future.
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    Brand New member, ASL Student looking for a penpal

    Hello Everyone, My name is Ellie. I work in the Mental Health care field and have volunteered to be the Deaf Advocate for my agency. I am currently a student of ASL. (enrolled in ASL 4 in the fall) I'd love to find a penpal to practice with if someone is willing to video chat. Thanks for your...