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    Which VP do you use?

    I like either NTouch or P3. But I like P3 because usually someone always leave a video message from P3. I check purple mail through my mobile. That's about it.
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    Lesbian 'brutally beaten by girlfriend's brother at thanksgiving dinner dont approve

    (Gasps) Wow, just can't believe what he did to his lesbian sister's girlfriend. Man, both are cute couple, that lesbian with short hair is cute in the before pic . That brother should never do that. It's like he beaten her to death, Imagine that lucky she's alive, I would say for sure he...
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Pink, "Blow Me" (One Last Kiss)
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Kylie Minogue, "All The Lovers". Dance, it's all I wanna do, so won't you dance? I'm standing here with you why won't you move? I'll get inside your groove, cause I'm on fire, fire, fire, fire! It hurts, when you get to close, but baby it hurts! If love is really good you just want...
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    The Halloween Thread

    Halloween is OVER until next year 2013. I dressed up as fetish (with black catsuit) with weird mask (My own creative black mask added with big eyelashes). Along with red apple wig. Everyone liked my costume included my partner's costume at Halloween Parade. That was FUN experience. Even...
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    Hello, I'm back in. It's been a quite long time....

    That was nice of you to say. Thank you Bebonang. But I'm not going to post that much because I'm busy with other things. I will post if I have time. I can always checking this out. Thanks again for welcome me back. Appreciate it. Peace with ya.
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    Hello, I'm back in. It's been a quite long time....

    I'm here to just checking this out. I'm not going to post too many thread like before HA. (I realized it's way TOO MUCH like ADDICTION and wasted my time GEEZ). So, take it easy for me to just read and relax.......... I spend times with my partner, family and friends. And do my other things I...
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    Junk Food is bad for your health (Just 4 Info)

    Learn the Reasons Why Junk Food is Bad For You Is eating too much junk bad for you?. Yes, Junk food is high in sugar, fat, carbs, sodium, and really doesn't provide any kind of well-rounded nutrients for your body. Cheap and easily-accessible junk food is one of the reasons for high rates of...
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Lady GaGa "Then You Love Me" YouTube - Lady GaGa - Then You Love Me LYRICS
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    Was Pres Lincoln a racist or a prodcut of his era

    Off topic. Honestly, some white people are still racist today from what I observed. They can't help it. I've seen many white racist people in many different movie based on a true story like "Mississippi Burning" (1988). Many history back then.
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    LGT Movie u saw....

    I'm renting another gay movie (not porno LOL) but I will name the title later.
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Rihanna "Only Girl-In the World" Yagazn-> likes the sound of the BEAT.
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    Just saying, "How you doing"?

    Ahem..."I'm doing fine" :doh: Wendy Williams trademark of saying "How you doin". YouTube - Wendy Williams: How YOU Doin? Instructional
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    Brag about your car's miles!

    200,000 still running good. I will plan to get another "USED" car.
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    Last Movie You Watched?

    "Case 39" with Renee Zellweger. it's good and suspenseful. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Nick Cage My partner and I enjoyed that action-adventure movie, hoping it would be part 2. "The Last Exorcism" Eh, it's like a documentary movie but kinda suck, too many exorcism movie. In my opinion...