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    What's your Middle Earth Name?

    I did it twice, with and without my middle name . . . According to the Red Book of Westmarch, In Middle-earth, Michael Johnson was a Dancing Wood-Elf Elven Name Possibilities for Michael Johnson The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is: Saurannûn Another masculine version...
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    bbnt will analyze your random thoughts

    Limpwristed penis wrionkle.
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    toyota vs. ford truck in crash test

    Uhm, first of all, it weighs more, thus has more forward momentum. . . a crash at the same speed SHOULD destroy the ford more than the toyota. . . how bad the damage is, however, isn't exactly the safety rating. . . Anyway, I don't like Fords. The ONLY truck company I like is Chevy. . .
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    Tips on driving a stick?

    Driving a stick is easy, but like everything, it takes practice. . . Just remember one important thing, when clutching, press it ALL the way in, and let it ALL the way out, don't let the weight of your foot hold it down. . . you'll burn it up that way. . . The only hard part really is...
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    First Snow!

    Well, uhm. . . It was 80* out yesterday. . . in Indiana.
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    This song or lyrics would be mine if I was...

    I'm with HoneyShot on this one. I just don't know anyone here well enough to feel within my rights to pick out a song. Nor do I feel anyone here knows me well enough to do the same for me. So in order to not feel "left out" (not that I really would, but let's pretend) I've elected to do a...
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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Nah, it probably did cause headaches. I mean, if you read for too long in dim light, you WILL get a headache, too much eye-strain. These kids were probably reading in the dark after their parents made them go to bed.
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    All of you OWNED BY me!

    Looks like it's time to bow, Bowak. . .
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    Indy Roommate needed

    Haha, I'm not really homeless, I'm just a typical 19-year-old living at home with his parents :) I mean, sure, an apartment would be nice, but hell, I'm living for free, doesn't get much better than that. Anyway, I talked to the guy, but he's moving into his own apartment with some other...
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    Indy Roommate needed

    I'm homeless, from Indiana, however, not really looking for a place to live in Indy of all places. However, let me talk to a friend of mine, who too, is deaf. He's been looking for a roommate as well, though I don't know if his g/f would allow him to live with another female. . .
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    Hola from Indiana!

    Heh, I too am from Indiana. . . And I was just at ISU visiting a hometown friend jus last week. Pretty nice college actually.
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    Are You A Metrosexual?

    6-8 correct: Keep it up, you have serious potential!
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    I'm just curious, do any of you ride BMX? I don't care which form, flatland, park, street, dirt jumping, or even racing. It's just that, with the thounds of deaf people I've met, I've only met ONE who even bothered to ride a bike, so I was just wondering. Personally, I ride street/park. I...
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    Professional Woman Football

    Du play football? Wow. I always knew she played flag football, but tackle as well? Kick ass.
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    Cheerleading is not a sport. Screw the movie "Bring it on". I have yet to see a high school actually have cheerleading competitions, and I'm not counting the Deaf tourney's (Clerc, CSSD ect...) I don't see cheerleading "teams" going on to state competition, and actually competing for "best...