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    Deaf Notebook

    You're very optimistic and creative! Nice idea.
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    Plan to be specific major which focus on communication between deaf and hearing

    You're going to be a bridge between 2 worlds!
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    Senstivity to Sounds

    I'm hearing and sounds annoy me so much I just wish everything would shut up! As for your whole body hurting, maybe you feel weak? Tense? Maybe you physically clench up when you hear something? Perhaps you have a lot of ear wax that is harming your ears/head? Hope everything gets better hun!
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    Anyone want to help me practice ASL?

    I don't get your point Bottesini. I send her a request, she confirms.
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    Anyone want to help me practice ASL?

    What's wrong with this idea Bottesini? Silent Colors, I will add you on skype and see if you can confirm me. If that's how it works on Skype.
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    What are you thinking about? Part II

    What I'm thinking about: Waking up tomorrow, getting ready for school, what I will do tomorrow, what I will eat tomorrow, how my day will go, hoping everyone I know is happy tomorrow, hoping I meet some new friends, getting homework done. etc.
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    Ask Q's 4 Matajan

    Love this thread! What's one thing you really want to do before you die?
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    Anyone want to help me practice ASL?

    Maybe we could skype if you get skype. That would be the easiest way for us to chat. I am hearing and an ASL student for 2 years.
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    I have some questions about Gallaudet/any Deaf school

    I definitely understand why Gally only accepts very little hearing people: because it is a school for the deaf, and they want more deaf people there than hearing. Duh lol. My only reason is to become important in the Deaf community and to interpret. I'm not a CODA and I barely know anyone who's...
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    Research Paper Topic

    Thanks so much Bottesini. Next time I capitalize deaf it will be for Deaf culture relations.
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    Research Paper Topic

    Thanks everyone. You've really opened my eyes! Question, do deaf people capitalize the D in deaf? I've always learned I'm supposed to. But do you?
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    Obama supports Mosque at Ground Zero

    Obama supports everything that ruins our country. What do you expect? And I agree with Jiro. No contractor will build it.
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    What Southern Women Know

    Love love!