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    Pacifier VS Thumbsucking

    Interesting.. I did suck my middle and ring fingers like ILY in sign for two years, I stopped on my own. My two sisters did suck their thumbs until between 10 to 12 years old and stopped ont heir own.. My daughter is the one who suck her thumb, and she hates pacifier because of rubber...
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    How much is your phone bill this month?

    Wow, I only paid 50 dollars for this month that's it >.>
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    Highland hit by rash of car larcenies.

    Highland hit by rash of car larcenies - The Oakland Press News > Cops & Courts: The best place for news in and around Oakland County I couldn't believe it because I'm 14th person that it happened to me, they broke in my car and stole money. I didn't expect that they will put it on the...
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    Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

    I'm thanking for God giving me a life, wonderful family, wonderful & beautiful daughter, wonderful friends, and plently of things that I would say more.
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    JClarke, pardon me. I know. I'm not that dumb deaf. I did look at the frigging dvd case to seeing if they says like that crap picture that you put up, and it's not exist on that dvd case. NOTHING besides it says SDH that's it. then I put it in the dvd player to start the movie to seeing if its...
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    Erm.. I just borrowed my sister's UP dvd, I only saw that it says SDH but no closed captions= CC. So, I just checked a few mintues ago and it does have BOTH... I was like what the..?! *groans* Disney really need to get their dvds to get straight up.
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    Sorry.. I have two sisters. First I posted of my sister, she's young one and named Emily did rent the movie and it dont have anything but, second one that I posted of my sister, she's older one and named Samantha, she have dvd of UP on her own for her son. I did check to seeing if she knows how...
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    Well.. My sister have the dvd of Up on her own. It dont have ANY subtitles and closed captions AT ALL... :|
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    Eh.. I just checked on Up Dvd on Website of Wal-Mart to checking to see if they do have CC and Subs, nope they don't then I checked The Ugly Truth and they said it does....?
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    Up the Movie. I heard that Up, the movie is the BEST movie that everybody enjoy to watch. My sister rent that movie for family and my daughter to watch together. Somehow, I went ahead to watch it recently but.... There's no closed captions AND subtitles at all.. I was like what the...
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    I'm so craving for Iced Latte and Subway :drool:
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    Meet Britain's tallest schoolgirl who at 6ft 5ins towers over her teachers (and has s

    Wow... My niece is only 12 years old and she's soon 6' already.
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    Shooting at Ft Hood; 7 dead, 20+wounded

    Wow that's really sucks... I pray for all of soliders who got shot and their family. =( And, my mom did call my brother to checking to see what's going on since he's in New Jersey right now for Army Base but somehow, his general answered and told my mom that he's apology for not allowing her...
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    "Baby On Board" sign...

    Well, I noticed a bit different between of having "baby on board" sign on and off.. It's around half % does avoid from my car which do have "baby on board" sign on, won't get near by me or a few feet away from me during I have my daughter in my car or not. For your information, my family' cars...
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    Prayers for... best friend, Sasha's son Alexander since he's in the hosptial since Thrusday, October 29, 2009. He stopped breathing for unknowing the reason, her mom gave him a cpr right away and THANK GOD, he breathes. So they went to the hosptial and they found out that he have pnemiona*sp* in his left...