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    Hello everyone, New on here…

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Looking for relationship been single too long ...

    Hello and welcome aboard!
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    New to Miami area

    Hello and welcome aboard! Enjoy the stay with us. :)
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    What dating app do you use?

    I guess I will finally found my destiny in Tinder. :angel: Thanks for sharing your real experiences, I am blessed.
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    Hello and welcome aboard!
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    Welcome back!
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    Welcome to the forums! Yes, you can learn more here :D
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    What dating app do you use?

    Thank you for giving me such good advice. By the way, you really didn't try using ones? Yeah, there are so many scammers but you can still find the girl you want.
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    What dating app do you use?

    I wonder what app I will use, there are too many dating apps out there and I'm really confused on what to use because my friend said that there's a virus on some dating apps. More like a trap app. Do you guys have any recommendations? Please feel free to share it :)
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    Hola a todos!

    Hello & Welcome to the forums!
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    CODA looking to make Deaf/HoH friends!

    Hello, MusicalCODA & Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello, I'm new.

    Hi, gwynfae. Welcome to the forums.
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome aboard!
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    Hello just found this!

    Welcome to the forums!