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    Trump: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate

    First of all, I'm neutral but was intriguing about the lack of proof before then. But it came out in pdf file copy for the public to see... check it for yourself real close at It's a true copy which...
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    Useful Apps?

    AVG Antivirus for Androids - AVG Mobilation What do you guys think? Should I use it? Probably. Here it's....
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    AT&T buys T-Mobile

    It's all about the competition - mobile wars!
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    Hacking competition leaves Android and Windows Phone 7 undefeated.

    Yep, true that it was so but things changed over the time. In the past there are too many Windows users which attracted to the hackers, obviously... not only that but Windows with IE (pre-IE 8) was so exposed "like a back door without a lock" which it made easier for them to crack. Now IE...
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    Useful Apps?

    Hmm, I see.
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    Hacking competition leaves Android and Windows Phone 7 undefeated.

    Sounds good to me about the Android for now though they both are quite new so the hackers just need some time learning how to crack them. I think it will happen though hope it gets harder for them, the better I hope so. MAC with Safari gets lot easier for them to crack nowadays (for a...
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    Useful Apps?

    They sure do though is it 100% guarantee esp wireless? Bit had for me to trust it via wireless and don't need it wherever I go (offline) though. Maybe it's good for whoever has real tight budgeting or bad habit on spending. :lol:
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    Useful Apps?

    Roboform works great for me since several years though did not try it on Android yet. I just learned about the Lastpass last week while surfing and somehow it got my attention... looks like cool products there. Good for you.
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    Useful Apps?

    Shel, I'm glad that you brought up this thread for the Android apps since I recently ordered an Android smartphone too but awaiting for its arrival soon so it would be cool learning from others who use it... what apps and reasons etc. Plan to install P3 (a must), Roboform, Colts news, NCAA...
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    HTC Thunderbolt

    Thanks, I suspected Verizon charges more mo... $15 more monthly difference! Guess that I have to make a tough decision though it affords some extra time for me to think. choices, choices! :hmm:
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    Would Your Vote For Trump?

    One had to be on meth voting for Obama! :lol:
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    HTC Thunderbolt

    HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Evo 4G I'm thinking of buying either one of them yet it's rather bit difficult for me which one I should buy so would like to listen your suggestions. Thunderbolt - Verizon might be better overall over Evo - Sprint How much does it charge monthly for each of them...
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    Mac OSX Safe?

    Over last few years it has been heavily acknowledged that many people shared a common misconception that the Mac computers are safer, but it is actually not so this ought to be a real wake up call...
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    How many megapixels on the new ipad 2 cameras?

    iPad 2 cameras work great with very bright lights indoor especially outdoors daytime but would not be ideal for the facetime indoors, anyway frm what I understood.
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    Do you plan to buy tablets?

    My wife still wants a iPad 2 someday soon so she could access online and read ibooks anywhere off our office room with it... just mere ideal and convenient for her for those purposes. She doesn't care about the cameras and retina display since she wouldn't use them, anyway thus she will get a...