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    hope everyone having a good day and getting sum fresh air

    1% better at signing every day, 17 so still in highschool but isn't a struggle whatsoever feels like pre-k work and getting ready to most likely travel after high school or join the peace corps. if anyone has any info or if they have been in the peace corps i would enjoy getting insight on how...
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    Would liken to make new friends

    hey, looking for cool non toxic people to chat with. love me sum tea and i like exploring creeks and large areas of forest an hills in my area. im down to talk about any interesting topics ofc including learning ALS is on my agenda, as i continue to get 1% better everyday.
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    looking for friends

    heyo how it going?
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    Practice group wanted!

    if you guys are still doing zoom calls id love to be apart of one, trying hard to communicate with a friend of mine if u dont have time or cant, no need to respond i will keep looking