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    ASL student attending Deaf event

    Since this is part of your ASL course, you have to ask your teacher about this. As a former teacher, I had suggested to the students to leave the room if they really feel a need to speak to each other, otherwise it's perfectly fine to sign and voice together.
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    Adult stem cell is happening right now to cure hearing loss!

    if they provide an OFF switch which I can use anytime, then maybe...
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    Short lifespan for new laptops

    that would be planned obsolescence.. it's big business for computer manufacturers...
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    Is wanting deaf children cultural/parental?

    You are blessed for that. It may be more to the subconscious so it is up to the parent's own actions to decide what to do with this.
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    Is wanting deaf children cultural/parental?

    All parents should accept their children whatever and whoever they are. :) As for all this, it is largely the communication issues. The parents are likely to feel inadequate or bad when they feel stuck not able to understand or comfort their own child.
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    Age Gap Tolerance in Relationships

    Not quite everyone is that picky... it seems that in that area, religion plays a role in that so we see the people coming from families, strongly invested in religion. Anti-individualism is very strong over Washington DC, right now.
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    you plans get HDTV somedays you have give me tips for brand of HDTV?

    in that case, you should stay away from this computer. :shock: Where do you get that information?
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    you plans get HDTV somedays you have give me tips for brand of HDTV?

    That would be better if you watch a lot of sports or fast action movies...
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    you plans get HDTV somedays you have give me tips for brand of HDTV?

    Full HD: Hip or Hype? Full HD is just a term to promote the new HDTVs
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    26 charged in VRS fraud

    just a thought... what if they are losing money even with FCC grants? It may be inexcusable but it may explain that...
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    Who like to play online poker?

    I prefer the smell and feeling of the cards and chips under my hands... I also like the environment where I can chat and joke with friends over a poker table, having beer and pretzels. None of that exists with online poker. Until they invent the holodeck.
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    Chuck me

    The official word is in! Chuck returns on Sunday, January 10 at 9/8c with a two-hour premiere. It then shifts to its new timeslot on Mondays at 8/7c. :applause:
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    Besides sex and nightmares, what are your memorable dreams?

    is there anyone here who dreams in black and white?
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    PS3 Video Store

    :hmm: wouldn't it be great if we figure out how to use Google's auto-captioning feature on streaming videos?
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    Home 3D ready for prime time: Panasonic

    Confirmed. Look for my recent thread about PS3 and 3D under Computers, Electronics, IT & Gaming section.