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    Look deaf friend n open relationship!

    Hello and Welcome! I'm deafblind and also bisexual but prefer women. I live in Birmingham England but anyone is welcome to PM me if they want.
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    Hi I'm a mom of two who homeschool

    Hello and welcome! I wish you luck finding someone to practice with.
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    Looking for Deaf/HoH friends to video chat with or meetup with!

    Hello and welcome. I'm from England but I do hope you can find someone local that you can practice your ASL with.
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    Obligatory Intro

    Hello and welcome! I've been away too. I used to be dreama. Who did you used to be?
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    New Guy.

    Hello and welcome! I don't have CI's myself but I know a few folk with them and it's a mixed reception. Some benefit from CI's but other people not so much. A deafblind friend of mine said she had a love hate relationship with her CI as she used it to listen to her dad and to talking books but...
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    Signing Halsey?

    Hello and welcome! I wish you luck with your art project.
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    Hello and welcome! What kind of stories do you write? I've written a book called 'trials of an honary dragon'. It's fantasy.
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    Hi Everyone! It has been awhile

    Hello and welcome back! I used to come here as Dreama but I had the same problem getting in as you experienced so I am now Vegandreamer. I had an ear infection in January. It didn't half hurt but it responded well to ear drops so I managed to get rid of it that way. The only delay was...
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    Hello and Welcome! I'm deafblind from Birmingham, UK
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    New member and use basic filipino sign language

    Hello and welcome! I'm deafblind from Birmingham, England.
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    HELLO this is taz

    Hello and welcome! I'm deafblind from Birmingham, England.
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    Self introduction

    Hello and welcome! I'm profoundly deaf and I don't wear hearing aids.
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    17 Years old

    Hello and welcome! I'm from England. I have acquired deafblindness.
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    Hi, New and looking for friends

    Hello and Welcome!
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    Does Anyone Use Psychic Services?

    I've used Psytics in the past but I am now too skeptical for this.