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    Survey : Bilateral with different brands

    1. I am right handed. 2. I implanted both at the same time. I have AB. My worse ear is better for music and my good ear is better for conversation. 3. I did both ears together. 4. Both ears work well together. I do not depend on one ear over the other.
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    How costly is a CI maintenance?...

    My surgery out of pocket expense was $579. I haven't had to buy batteries in the last 3 years. My insurance will cover 90 percent of the battery cost. Map is $120 a visit. I am down to about 3 times a year, maybe 4. I see my CI surgeon once a year for a checkup.
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    Welcome baaaack!! CI vs HA...

    Just popped in to say hi to Audiofuzzy!!! I had terrible migraines before my cochlear implants. I have not had a migraine since surgery almost 3 years ago. My neuro has stopped all medicine.
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    I'm sad and missed CI-user members at AD

    I'm around sometimes. My life is so busy with my daughter, teaching, and other activities. I keep in touch with Cyborg Queen and contradica. contradica and I text. Grendal and Cheri know where to find me. I love my CIs and they just make my life easier, so I'm off in the world living my life.
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    House Lecturer Reveals Groundbreaking Advances in Technology

    thanks for showing I was right not to post anymore on this site. He doesn't have a clue about my teaching experiences and my job as an educator. I guess it would have been different if a comment was made about your son.
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    Further cementing my decision to go with Advanced Bionics...

    I have AB, but I am not using Fidelity 120. There is so much variety with AB and the audie will work on many programs inorder to ensure you are hearing the best clarity. By the way, music rocks! Not robotic at all!
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    House Lecturer Reveals Groundbreaking Advances in Technology

    Michael E. Glasscock is the same doctor that 16 years ago told me to pick another field that I should not go into early childhood/elementary education. So he may be a great leading in this field, but he has sorry bedside manner.
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    FDA-Shocking Results on CI Statically

    I agree. I think it as a respect to both side, STOP! Alldeaf has been down this road so many times. Each side thinks they are right and in the end someone always gets banned. So stop, close this thread, and move on.
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    How much speech do you understand by reading lips?

    I tested at 60% comprehension of lipreading pre CIs.
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    FDA-Shocking Results on CI Statically

    thank you, been very busy with work and family I have one friend who has chosen to not wear one of her CI as it causes a vibration. She had it replaced and it is the same after the second surgery. She does just as well with one CI. It does not vibrate unless she wears the speech processor...
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    FDA-Shocking Results on CI Statically

    My CIs have opened doors. All my ci friends still wear at least one of their CIs. The majority of my CI friends find a CI rewarding. Most of my CI friends believe in their CI. Many of my CI friends understand spoken words and are not as frustrated in settings as they were with hearing aids...
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    Transitioning from HA to CI... how do you know when you're ready to make the jump?

    I guess my questions for those who transitioned from HA to CI's would be: my transition was when I had no usable hearing left and found hearing with a Hearing aid was just oo painful. How did you know when it was time for you to transition to CI? How do the CI compare relative to HA's for...
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    Which CI brand did you get and why.

    T-mic Advanced Bionics: The world?s best performing, most reliable cochlear implant systems I love the t-mic. I do not miss the tcoil when talking on the phone.
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    ugh..pillows and weather causing implant pains. Mainstays Memory Foam Standard Contour Pillow: Furniture Walmarts 10.00 Mainstays Memory Foam Standard Contour Pillow this is what I have. I use the small side of the pillow to sleep on.
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    ugh..pillows and weather causing implant pains.

    Walmarts 20 to 30 dollars.