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    Deaf and from merseyside

    Hiya, I'm in London, don't know bsl but do want to learn one day. Happy to chat if you want Mark.
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    Hi form Wales

    Think a lot of people put them off far longer than they should. Glad they are helping.
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    im new here

    Hi and welcome :0)
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    Hello from the UK

    Hi From the UK too.
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    Hello from uk!

    Hi! From the UK too :0)
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    U.k.- birmingham?

    Hiya, from the UK too :0)
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    Why So Serious¿?

    Why So Serious¿?
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    Hello Day One With Hearing Aids

    Hi, I remember getting mine, knew I couldn't hear well but didn't expect to be told j needed hearing aids. It can take some adjusting, I really struggled at first but it does get easier. Feel free to say hi if you wanna chat about it.
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    Hi, New Member From The Uk

    Hi, I'm 43 and from the UK, I'm hard of hearing, worn hearing aids for around 5 years and looking for friends to chat with. Don't really know anyone else with a hearing loss so would be good to meet others to share experiences with or just have a good old chat :0)