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    Dunkin Donuts

    depend on what area in massachsuetts cuz in my hometown their coffee SUX big time especially the food.. I usually order from Rhode island which is about 5-10 min drive from my home...
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    Dunkin Donuts

    OH I love mocha coffee coolata, it great taste and I usually have that once in a great while... also when I was pregnant with my boys that was their i usually drink htat maybe 2 or 3 time a week... but now it just less than that ;)
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    Deaf Celebration 2003

    Wish i was closer to go :( sorry I am far from there hope it will be closer to here :)
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    What would you do if you caught your

    I would of agree with Grumpy Kiki cuz i would done that also :) GO Grumpy Kiki!! :)