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    Wanting to be a mum.

    Hearing loss is genetic in my family. We didn't know this until we had our daughter. We did not let that stop us from having a second baby. I'm pregnant right now and they can do genetic testing through a blood test on the mom. They can test for all types of things. I haven't got the results...
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    Head Trauma and Cochlear Implants

    Oh yeah :) HAHA! I knew that. Pregnancy brain... :applause:
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    A little help?

    Stress can definitely cause hair loss. I've read some of your posts and I would bet its stress :( But I have read that it grows back, so that's good!
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    Head Trauma and Cochlear Implants

    My daughter has CIs and I talked to the surgeon about the risk of the implant moving or getting damaged because of a fall or her getting hit or something. He said the implant is sutured to the brain and is secure. He said she would have to hit the implant just right for it to dislodge and its...
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    Mother of 7 y/o Deaf girl

    I was just in Colorado at the EHDI Meeting. We toured the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. I keep thinking about becoming an interpreter. I'm learning ASL and want to get more involved somehow. Its amazing how our children can really ignite a passion in us to do more and become more in...
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    Mother of 7 y/o Deaf girl

    Welcome!! I'm in Montana, so sort of around the Rocky Mountains, too. My daughter was born with bilateral profound hearing loss, she'll be 2 in May, and I'm expecting my second in November. That's awesome that Brianna is teaching her coaches and teammates sign. My daughter's daycare teaches the...
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    A question about my little guy

    Don't be discouraged. A pediatric audiologist will be able to confirm if your son can hear certain sounds or frequencies. If that's the case, I believe hearing aids can be programmed to amplify those certain decibels or frequencies. Do loud noises startle him? Does he look around if you clap...
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    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    She wears CIs now, so no earmolds. She wears Kansos because she couldn't stand anything around her ear and she was good about the hearing aids for about two months. Then she figured out how to take them out and there was no hope!! BUT if we were to do them, I really like turquoise! I would...
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    Mom of Hoh child

    Hi! Welcome! I, too, am a hearing mama of a deaf baby. She's 18 months old and I've been on this forum for a while, just readings tons of posts and also posting and commenting myself. Feel free to reach out if needed :)
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    Baby’s glitter earmolds

    Those are amazing! My daughter just had plain pink. Your baby is so adorable :)
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    Translating asl gestures to text

    Sometimes I use this site: Its not perfect and sometimes you get no results, lol! But I have wondered what the sign for "discuss" meant and I'd seen it so much and I was able to play around with this reverse dictionary and found out the sign meant...
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    New mom to deaf/hoh baby

    Gosh, my tips for a new mom... Dont let it overwhelm you. Dont let the doctors tell you what to do. Start signing ASAP. is a wonderful resource. Find books at the library, online, etc. Your baby is super visual, so make faces, expressions, light up toys will be her favorite. Do...
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    Need to vent!

    There are other facebook groups, like Parents of CI Kids Who Sign, and Parents of Deaf Kids: Sign Language, Community, Culture. I'm on all those facebook groups, and I agree with you. They act like being deaf is a problem to fix. They insist on "eyes open, ears on". They don't allow their kids...
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    Hoh child of hearing parents.

    I'll play devil's advocate here. My daughter has CIs, and while I'm not minimizing surgery on a baby, she rebounded and healed tremendously well. I know not all cases are like that, but she was back to her happy, walking, playing self that same night after the surgery, albeit a little calmer and...
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    Hoh child of hearing parents.

    I can't stress enough to your friend how important doing her OWN research is. She is going to be told so many conflicting things, from so many different people, whether ENTs, audiologists, Deaf adults, Deaf school mentors, the list goes on and on. The best thing she can do is just her own...