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    Created a Relaxing Live Stream.

    Unfortunatly, the bark boarder is there to protect the public as it stops you seeing our neigbours and finding out where our home is :) The robin is there to stop the stream being totally bland when no birds are around, thanks for your feedback. :)
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    Getting new hearing aids next week.

    So today I discovered that one of my hearing aids has got corrosion in the battery draw. Called the Audiology department. They said we have all your records. We are not making any internal appointments due to the Pandemic. We can send you a new pair out in the post, they should arrive early...
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    Created a Relaxing Live Stream.

    This is live now, will be live until sunday 6pm
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    Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Survey

    I have no idea. I know my mum liked the name. Unfortunately she passed away when I was 8 so never got to found out xx
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    Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Survey

    1) Toffee black (yes my RL name is Toffee) 2) England, Uk 3) Nope, I became deaf after a lot of childhood ear infections. I found out at the age of 27. 4) Nope because I was hearing in my school years. 5) Nope same answer as above. 6) Yea got my first pair at age of 27, I have written posts in...
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    Been a member for almost 5 Years :D

    Been a member for almost 5 Years :D
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    I hope It all goes well. I think with Deafness being in your family. Your already prepared. But still good luck and u hope all goes well.
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    Created a Relaxing Live Stream.

    Https/ I have created a livestream of my bird feeder. It will be live every weekend. Friday 10am - Sunday 6pm GMT+1 (currently) I am fed up with having streams stating they are relaxed. But they not 100% calming aswell. I need to sometimes sit and be quiet. So I...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Yes, I need UV400 protection sunglasses. I also need stronger reading glasses, but I no longer need distance. Which is weird since I have needed glasses for distance since I was a about 6 years old. Husband will most likely need a yellowish tint but unsure as of yet. Just hope that we have...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Today I learned...I learned that my husband and I may be in for some difficult times. We are close to getting him a Diagnosis of Visual Snow Syndrome. Well this means he is better in light and well lit areas. Where as I have Meniers Disease and I prefer dark or low light as an bright lights...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Last movie I watched was Cast Away. It's not as good as I remember as a child. But it still is a good film to say it is mainly just Tom hanks for the whole movie.
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    How to lose weight fast

    I have not gone on a 'Diet' but once I was told I have Meniers disease I was informed I would have to change the things I eat to stop my triggers, I cut out salt and Sugar. I cut out Carbs, bread, potato, rice, pasta, red meat, I was told sugar and salt can be common triggers, I was told too...
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    I have been gone a while but..

    Hey everyone, it has been a while since I last posted in here. But I just got an amazing update on something that I wanted to share with you all. Around December last year I was having bad falls and dizzy spells these have gotten worse to the point that I am no longer safe to walk. But that's...
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    Check ups

    Things was just too quiet. They do set them Quiet for new users. I am alot happier and I have room to adjust the volume using my buttons if needed. We're as before the buttons up full was still not loud enough.
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    Deaf-Friendly Driving Schools?

    That is a really good idea, why didn't I think about that :) thanks for this, might help in my next lesson