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    Hello my name is Yawhalacha ..aka brad ..i do not have a hearing imparment ..

    Earth to Yawhalacha. Hello, anyone there?
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    A Gun Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    It was a straight shot out in the open. After I loaded him on the rack, I rolled him over and finally saw blood on the exit side. Never could find the entrance wound.
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    A Gun Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Yes its mine.
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    A Gun Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Eight point, 105 pounds. One shot at around 200 yards. There are uses for an AR-15. .223 with no visible entrance or exit wounds.
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    Gun control

    Does not matter. Whatever it takes. :smash::smash::smash:
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    Gun control

    Let me change the direction. Dad with gun:
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    Gun control

    After reading all these posts, I have decided to put away my slow, short range 5 shot lever action Marlin 30.30.............................and break out my Bushmaster AR15 to go deer hunting this week. I don't have to worry about Reba............she still has her own AR15 for home defense...
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    Gun control

    Your civilian .223 round is almost equal to the MILSPEC 5.56 however, using 5.56 military ammo will probably do you bodily harm when it explodes. A more powerful round. Same goes for the .308 an almost equal to the MILSPEC 7.62 however, using may also be harmful to your health for the same...
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    Gun control If you’re a feral hog, don’t mess with Texans. That’s the lesson learned by a 416-pound wild hog that was killed by an East Texas man after wreaking havoc on his property for the past five years...
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    Police Officer and deaf in an ear?

    Reba is essentially correct. I used to handle congressional inquiries at my command. Basically you need to draft a letter to your district Congressman and both of your state's U.S. Senators. One letter to all three is acceptable. Make sure you show their names at the bottom of your letter...
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    Man With Concealed Carry License Shot By Police During Traffic Stop

    When I was in the Navy (pre-911), we stood duty with a .45 with 2 loaded mags on belt holster. Never ever allowed to keep mag in gun. I currently conceal carry just about everywhere. I keep any of my guns in Condition 1 because of time. I am also head of a 9 person church security team. We...
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    Iran has 10 US Sailors and ships in Custody

    Latest update from Navy Times:
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    Dallas Police Shooting News

    Without looking it up, sometime after WWII the crackdown began because soldiers were bringing back machine guns and stuff. Dangerous if stolen by bad guys.