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    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    Lost it at 48 but it was struggling Mid 40s
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    What's Your Biggest Frustration in the Tech World?

    I come up against all kinds everyday for the most part I figure it out Ori just say I wear a hearing aid and I just can't understand you I do this to people that talk fast and long winded In ask them to just answer questions I ask them and surprisely they answer better even coclear...
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    Nucleus 7 and iPhone

    It works great better than in person if they speak clearly
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    Drive or take public transportation?

    I not only drive but I’m i tow truck driver. And still like 4x4ing + mud boggin nothing changed it’s the people. Around you change sometimes for the better I think!!
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    From hearing aids to cochlear implants

    I’m finding after working in a truck my hearing garbled but if I stay away from cars I’m hearing much better I do enjoy for the most part I been leavening it off at home lately
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    Am I weird?

    Weirdness is what set us a part make us what we are I strugle daily but I’m still here one day I’ll be happy just a matter when it help to smile too
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    Then you have me Lonely does not describe the hollow feeling I relate to much of what said but mine started 6 + ago And the last 2 year pretty well deaf. Even though they say I’m not Now if it was not for my job I don’t think I would of made it last year when my girlfriend dump me...
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    dating a deaf man ...

    Deaf date there all lame full of problems wish I New I need a date bad !! Any ideas for Vancouver Canada. Let me know
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    Good to hear from you glad everything is going well .
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    Vancouver Canada my ex wife came from England. I use to love the accent when I could hear
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    Hearing with Deaf husband

    Hello to all