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    Is it normal ?

    Lmao btw are you HOH ?
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    Good night

    Good night
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    Is it normal ?

    As a HOH guy . Is it normal to look at a persons lip syncing while they talking with you if you’re using hearing aid ! It’s frustrating... How to get rid of looking at they lip while on hearing aid and how can I hear and understand when they speak fast without looking at them ? Is that possible...
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    Music lovers

    I always set to 70% on iPad , iPhone and 50% on the Mac lol
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    Music lovers

    have you checked in speaker settings in the taskbar if you’re using windows or preferences on the Mac system ? There’s a maximum sound output option you might need to check ... since all the new Os is set to 50% by default to prevent damaging ears to normal users ....What Operating system are...
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    Repair Damaged HA [Pls Read Below Thread]

    Used it for 4years until it dies as it was out of warranty , I also have a new HA and I felt like I have wasted another $790 since there’s no insurance we have to be very careful to use to prevent from rain moisture or some sorts of unexpected issues which could happen anytime because i live in...
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    Repair Damaged HA [Pls Read Below Thread]

    I’m curious about the self repair for HA , I have a Widex Dream HA which is damaged by water splash during raining ... I left them in my drawer I was wondering if that could revive back to life ... it would be appreciated if you guys share some tutorials or procedures to start off self repair
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    Where is everyone from?

    Kerala , SW India :afro:
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    Feeling closed in, lonely, a bit sad

    I’m HOH add me thetechfollower at Kik messenger let’s chill if you know ASL it would be great otherwise let’s have a chat to get rid of boredom ;)
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    Looking for friends in England.

    Hi which part of city you live in England .?
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    Hard of hearing girl from U.K

    Welcome :bye:
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    Single HOH lookin for a date

    I’m 25 yrs old guy and single from south india , HOH can speak English fluently , currently working as software developer DM if interested no matter where you live in , I have a plan to invest new business if we are committed ;)
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    Coding and web development group on FB

    Hey I’m freelance software developer, thanks for sharing the link
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    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    I have been using Linux for 4years , I’m still loving it no matter how difficult it is to use , because I’m a Laravel Software Developer and this Linux just works what I wanted to do on my projects with shell commands so it’s far better than windows lol