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    any deaf scuba divers there?

    My local dive shop always uses Apple's Dive Paradise in Cozumel. I went down there with them a few years ago. The LDS tries to set up 1 or 2 Cozumel trips a year. Steve <currently working on Rescue Diver Cert>
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    Blackberry Users - Better wireless relay is here: i711 Wireless

    I tried this for a little while. It runs in the background because apparently there is or will be the ability to receive calls. But, it runs my battery down in a day. Having enough power to make it through the day is important as I can continue to use GoogleTalk and BBM, so I dumped their app...
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    Do you take your dogs to dog park?

    We take our Doberman, Hercules, to our city's 3 or 4 acre Dog Park once in a while. We do pay a $10 annual fee and he gets a special dog tag. He gets really excited when we are within a few blocks of the Dog Park. He has to be on a leash from the car and through the first gate. Then we can...
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    Blackberry and AIM mesenger

    I have a reverse-slope hearing loss. It's loud enough for me. Actually, I can hear my Blackberry better without my CIC hearing aid. I found my new digital hearing aid compresses the volume so much, it lets less in. It's my primary phone and of course, your mileage may vary. Steve
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    Blackberry and AIM mesenger

    Dennis, I'm sorry, I should have renamed my above links better. Since I can't edit them, here's the first one again: Multi-IM Network Instructions [Using Google Talk] I know it's not straight-forward that GoogleTalk itself is a Jabber Client. However, in the above link, you will find...
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    Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?

    ...A better update: "Write offs for anything over and above the neighborhood association fees" came up when chatting with our association's president yesterday. He told me to give him a copy of the reciepts and he'll cut us a check! No unneccesary tax form input needed for us now! :)...
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    HamiltonRelay just introduced InspireChat, a downloadable Java program. Steve
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    Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?

    Richard, Thanks for the link. My wife and I are fully aware the interpreter fee would exceed reasonable accomodations. But, that made me think of something.. If we're paying $60 for a 2-hr meeting and our homeowner's association fees are $50/year, what would it hurt to ask that our fee be...
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    Blackberry and AIM mesenger

    I use GoogleTalk for Blackberry. Google Talk is a Jabber IM Client and works with many different transports to allow AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Y! buddy lists to work on my Blackberry (7290). Many comments, incuding my own, on the following forum...
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    Interpreter Fees - Tax Deduction?

    IRS Tax Helpline - "We appreciate your patience. Please do not hang up. Your call is important to us. If you hang up and call back now this may increase your wait as calls are handled in the order they are received. Please continue to hold, the next available representative will assist you as...
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    Sorenson patent

    LOL! Steve
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    Yes, it's free (included in unlimited data plan). It goes through the APN, not the carrier's. Steve
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    Relay Iowa Outreach Project Manager

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    CSDVRS recalls all Dlink VPs ?

    The only thing that I can think of, if we took this in context, is that an installer was asked to send back some DCV-1000 inventory, so HQ can send them to another installer who may have been out. CSDVRS seems to be going strong. Open 24/7 and now ASL-Spanish VRS too. We use their videomail...
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    Important Notice: AllDeaf Caucus {next year}

    Same. Too close to NAD and Miss Deaf America Pageant. We can't wait! Met the NAD President last weekend at Iowa School for the Deaf 150-yr celebration. Steve