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    Where is everyone from?

    I'm from the Carolinas.
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    Toddler left in corn maze!

    I assume she left him there on purpose.
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    I'm scared please help

    All I can tell you is to be yourself and if you get rejected, f*** him. He clearly isn't the right type for ya anyway. Just take your time to learn about other people. Take it nice and easy with them by having a good friendship and see where it goes down the road. Relationships always start by a...
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    Stupid comments

    Sometimes it annoys me when people ask me how good can I hear especially when I said I'm deaf. Like...Deaf. COMPLETELY deaf. If I do have any hearing, I would say I'm HoH but...deaf is where you CAN'T hear shit AT ALL. lol
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    N.c. state governor signs bill to allow "deaf" symbol on drivers' licenses

    Nice. I hope it comes to SC soon as well.
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    I'm looking for new hearing impaired and deaf friends.

    Yea I have facebook and facetime too. Are you from the UK or US?
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    New here!

    Welcome to AD. Hope you can enjoy your stay.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Boobies. jk well...thinking about going to play Tekken 7 now.
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    I'm looking for new hearing impaired and deaf friends.

    Since you are only 15, don't forget to take your chance to go to NTID/RIT. Could make a lot more friends there.
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    Deaf contestant on "american ninja warrior"

    I love that game show. It's creative and fun.
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    Sen. john mccain has brain cancer

    Only one of the few republicans I've truly respected.
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    Deaf contestant on "american ninja warrior"

    Awesome. LOVE that game show.
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    Deaf social in charlotte nc

    Been there a lot. Not a crazy fan on roller coasters, but certainly there are many other things to do at the amusement park.
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    Skype anyone?

    Yea I use skype once in awhile but I use mostly oral. If you are bored and want to chat or whatever, just inbox me your scn and I'll give you mine. Hope you have a great day!
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    Congressman and others wounded and injured during baseball practice

    It was pretty stupid and pointless on how republicans play the blame game on democrats just cause that shooter was a Sanders volunteer... There's far more serious problems to focus on than blaming the certain party just cause he supported that party instead of the other. Even one of the...