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    Congratulations AllisonJoy!!!!

    Hey Allison, U made us so proud of you. Best wishes at Gally!!!!!!:bowdown: :ily:
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    Searching an old friend

    I have been searching an old friend since 1976. His name is Michael Angelo Tucci. He is living in Georgia and went to Cave Spring School For the Deaf but i am not sure when he graduated from there. Could be between 1978 and 1980. Any of you know him??????? Thanks, SouthernRebel
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    Deaf Director Fired

    The deaf director at Rhode Island School For the Deaf was fired in April 2003. For what reason???? We never know because the Board of Trustees refused to reveal the reasons that they fired deaf director. The teachers, students and staff at RISDeaf were so frustrating and wanted to know what...