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    Cochlear or Advanced Bionics?

    Hold on there...Yes, Cochlear's processing strategy can be little dated but it is still good! And it will get better with newer processor's features! One example, Cochlear is awaiting FDA approval for new software(SCAN) with improved noise software that is comparable to AB ClearVoice! Plus, I...
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    AT&T DSL Customers

    Yawn, Thanks. Look like you waste your time doing my homework. I already figured it out why your service continue to work without a phone line. Your Uverse setup is using HomePNA. Homepna combine VDSL signal(outside gray box) and tv signal(to feed cable boxes) together. Your 2Wire 3800 dont need...
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    AT&T DSL Customers

    I was right you moron. That Broadband port is for fiber optic WHICH YOU DONT HAVE! I guarantee you if you unplugged the phone line, internet/tv will stop working. DO IT Well I guess ATT lie to you then :) Your 2Wire 3800 is still connected to phone line!
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    AT&T DSL Customers

    Uverse DOES use phone line and fiberoptic in limited area. New line or not, it is same old telephone wire. Get your fact straight. Those 2Wire is also used for Uverse! 2Wire 3600, 2Wire 3800, 2Wire/Pace 3801.. You may have Pace 5031, Motorola NVG 510, Motorola NVG 589 The green cable(7)...
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    AT&T DSL Customers

    I used to be Att DSL customer and they force me to switch to Uverse. I hate it and I cannot go back to DSL. Att is killing DSL where Uverse is available. They gave me chunky 2Wire 3600 gateway modem that is almost as a thick book! I left Att for TWC and never look back
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    AT&T DSL Customers

    I would like to let you know that Uverse IS NOT cable. It is same as DSL but faster. It is still go through telephone line! And some area where you can get 300mbps or higher/Gigapower, it is Fiber optic line. Im sure you guys already saw 2Wire Uverse modem with cable out. That cable is for...
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    USPS loses $2 Billion in 2nd Quarter

    Thats suck.. USPS have to do something fast!! I will hate it if USPS went out of business.
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    I'm getting frustrated with Cochlear

    Yeah, it take time.. but at least N6 upgrade for N22 implant is coming soon! Glad to know your Sprecta 22 is fixed. How you fix it?? :)
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    It Happen again! Mother left kids hot car to get hair cut

    It happen again! This time his wife left his husband in hot car. Lucky, a boy save his life! Sun News : Toddler saves elderly man from hot car
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    I'm getting frustrated with Cochlear

    When will Nucleus 22 Recipients Receive a Sound Processor Upgrade from Cochlear? « Cochlear Implant Online Hope you will understand after...
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    Got my new Hearing Aids =)

    Thats awesome! I used to have Phonak PowerMAXX 411 too! Then I upgrade to Phonak Naida III UP then upgrade to cochlear implant! :D
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    Just ordered the Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock

    I have same Sonic Alert dual alarm clock. Its super reliable! I have it for almost 10 years now :) The white shaker cord is now yellow :giggle:
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    Esprit 3G signal transmission issue

    Yup, you definitely need to upgrade :). You can upgrade to Nucleus 6 depending on what kind of your implant is. (If you have Nucleus 22, you can upgrade to Freedom or wait for N6 in 2015) Or try our FB page. Cochlear implant Part. You might get a part from there. Cheer...
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    RIP Windows XP

    Why you kept reformatting and reinstalling XP? I never have to do it. Make me wonder if you maintain XP computer or not. Poor maintenance will cause PC to run slow.
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    RIP Windows XP

    RIP Windows XP. It was pretty sad that Windows XP is now a unsupported OS. I already upgraded XP computers to Windows 7. Long live Windows XP!!