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    Deaf, hearing relationships

    I meant to respond Brady's post.
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    Deaf, hearing relationships

    Hey Brandon ,,I am deaf lady and would like to be friends with you:)
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    Late deafened

    Hey I am looking friend for chatting
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    single and lookin for relationship

    Yea I am a single deaf woman:)
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    Any women in her late 30's or 40"s here to chat with?

    I am looking for someone to chat as well.
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    Hey I am new to the site and wondering if there is any guys interested in dating?
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    Is anyone interested being friends with me?
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    I am a deaf lady looking for hearing , hoh or deaf man who knows sign can chat on VP or FB.
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    Looking to practice ASL and make friends over skype

    They have new software for hearing to download for free.
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    Online Dating for the Deaf/HOH

    Yes I am looking for deaf dating site but there are only a few deaf ppl and some are scam and fake hearing ppl there
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    Looking to practice ASL and make friends over skype

    You guys can download program from Zvrs like VP to chat with deaf ppl if you are interested in learning signs.
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    Hello! New here and need some advice, please.

    Yea, it is great to learn ASL and to meet deafies. I am a late deaf and learned ASL in my late 20s and I am still learning more signs each time with I meet someone who knows signs.
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    New Here

    I am deaf and looking for friends for email or chat on VP.
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    New Here

    I am new to the site and wonder how to add profile picture or icon here