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    Online Hearing Tests?

    Very true, I was no way expecting it to be perfect, it was just more of something of curiosity. :hmm:
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    Online Hearing Tests?

    Has anyone ever tried online hearing tests? I was curious and I started looking around and found this website at Your Online Hearing Test and Audiogram Printout | Unbiased & Free (I don't know if anyone has tried this one here). I did one without my hearing aids in and seemed pretty...
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    What's your favorite battery brand?

    Whatever is cheapest for me. I just went to Walmart a couple days ago and didn't have much of a choice - there was only two packages of the size 13 left by Rayovac so I just took those and went on my way :) I have used them before too and they have good life as well, so I'm happy :)
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    Las Vegas

    I live in Vegas, and while being at the strip is nice, I always encourage to also do activities off the strip as well. If the weather is nice, check out Old Nevada, or maybe a hike down Red Rock? There's a lot of stuff to do here if you want to enjoy the sites as well :)
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    For those who needed HA's later..

    Kik - that's actually neat that your workplace started using visual queues. I wish my workplace did that. I was simply told that I need to get my hearing "fixed" - And they didn't go through me to tell me, they went through my fiancee at the time. For me, I did have HA's growing up, but I...
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    Welcome aboard :)
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    ASL Student!

    There was a active ASL channel in CamFrog that I was active in when I was taking classes, have you tried that one? :) And welcome to AD -waves-
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    Returning Member :) -waves-

    I will have to try that then, didn't wear them at work today due to that, the feedback is annoying when your walking through the detectors maybe 15+ times a day in a 6hr shift >.< So anything I can try will be awesome, thanks! :)
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    Mommy to a Wonderful Deaf Child

    Hello and welcome! -waves-
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    Hi from Rome!

    Welcome -waves- :)
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    Returning Member :) -waves-

    Swag? hehe, I like swag! I seem to be having one issue ... my line of work is working in a food store where I am constantly moving around inside and outside, when I have to walk through the metal detectors I get feedback (like this bzzzzt sound) >.< There is two sets of them by the...
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    asl songs

    I personally like songs in ASL, espically ones that also include the gloss so I can pick up new signs. My personal fav would have to be allyballybabe :) God Gave Me You (in ASL) - YouTube <-- loving that one atm
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    Hi from Florida.

    Hello and welcome to AD :D
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    Deaf and Proud of it! :)

    Hello and welcome :D I am not deaf, I'm hoh rather (deaf on right, mild loss in left) and kinda had the same experience when I was going up as far as hearing aids, I got my first HA when I was in 5th grade and people were wondering why I was still having trouble because apparently it was...