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    Coronavirus: A real health threat or not?

    To the conspiracy theorists...if it wasnt a threat, then why are other countries going back to restrictive measures again?
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    Old member here

    Hello! Make sure you choose a program that will give you the right courses to be qualified for a deaf ed certification. I made the mistake of majoring in Special Ed at Arizona State University as it was the wrong degree to become qualified for the certification I needed to get. As a result, I...
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Used to be embarrassed by it growing up but that stopped about 25 years ago.
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    Old member here

    That meme is so popular on FB when news about strange people from Florida pop up! ha
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    Old member here

    Oh really? I will keep an eye out for them. Thanks!
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    Old member here

    Hello again...Thanks for the welcome backs. Yea, things are slow. My family and I travel a lot in our RV. This summer I will spend 2 weeks in our RV near Ocean City, MD. Really excited about it.
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    Old member here

    Hello, I have been a member since 2006. Just popping in here to see how's everyone's doing. It has been a while and boy has a lot changed since 2006. My son was 1 year old and now he is 13. My daughter was 8 years old and now she is 22 years old. Yes, still married to the same guy and yes, I...
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Been a while since I have been here. I am on break from work. Hope everyone is doing well! Still teaching but not at the deaf school anymore. I teach deaf and hard of hearing kids in inner city Baltimore. Been 5 years now! I joined AD in 2006...cant believe that was 13 years ago!
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    Although it has been years since I have spoken with her, I was friends with her. When I used to go to her house years ago, she had one. Dunno why she doesn't have one now. I was shocked to see her name on the news and that this happened to her.
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    Taking a games...

    I just learned that it is possible that some of the ads the Russians bought from FB to create a division involved the Black Lives Matter movement. I am so curious what the ads said and what they looked like. Maybe they can help me understand why people want to sign a petition to label them as...
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    Cochlear implant debate

    I became fluent in ASL starting at the age of 25.
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    Taking a games...

    They did protest and started the Black Lives Matter movement and get told that they are disrupting the peace. Like I said, nothing in this country makes sense anymore.
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    Ci surgery side affects?

    Strong magnets really can make one's incision area really sore. Been through that. No fun