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    I would move on and keep looking. Too cheap for a house like that. Cheap isn't always good.
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    How Long Have You Been Driving?

    About 21 years.
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    I Need Smart Tv With Netflix Recommendations. Thank You!

    Really, brand of hdtvs don't matter much anymore. Many of the lesser known brand hdtvs are made by either Sony, LG and Samsung. Insignia for example uses last years panels Samsung or LG. I have insignia and have no issues with it. I got a 50 inch without smart tv feature. I use PS4 to...
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    Car Rental Question

    I worked at Enterprise Rent A Car for 5 years. They never inspect the undercarriage of the car. Most of the time they inspect the exterior body of the car and the Windows. That rental car company is more likely scamming for money. It doesn't make any sense at all. The previous...
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    Live Camera Of Eagle Having Babies .

    Aww but I didn't see it. Maybe will check it out again during the day. Here's live cam for Deborah eagles nest in north Iowa.
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    Metro Will Resume Rail Service At 5 A.m. Thursday

    You can find jobs mostly better luck in East part of the Puget sound, probably not so much in Bremerton and other areas on west side of Puget Sound. Housing there is much cheaper. It's quieter and not too urban. Many people live in Bainbridge island/Bremerton area and commute to Seattle for...
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    Metro Will Resume Rail Service At 5 A.m. Thursday

    Out in suburbs is not too bad. In Seattle is pretty expensive but not as expensive as San Francisco which many high tech workers from California are moving to Seattle area. They could purchase a good sized house for $500,000 instead of over a million and get a shorter commute. I lived in...
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    Metro Will Resume Rail Service At 5 A.m. Thursday

    You might be talking about Capitol Hill station. Sound transit is going to open light rail extension to university of Washington from Westlake with 2 additional stations on March 19th, which is tomorrow! It's all underground like a subway. It is a huge deal for the commuters from u of w and...
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    What Are Jobs Deaf People Can't Do?

    Police officer. You could hear the guns shooting but it would be difficult to find where they come from. rail traffic control center. Lot of communication and radioing train operators. Similar to air traffic controller.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I am thinking about watching Pee-wee's big holiday on Netflix. It's a Netflix original film. Netflix seems to bring back bunch of old films and some their own tv shows such as Fuller House is one of them.
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    Metro Will Resume Rail Service At 5 A.m. Thursday

    makes me wonder how reliable the L train in Chicago and the NYC subway is so far? Also Seattle has a 54 year old monorail line still running with original 2 train sets but they have been rebuilt few years ago when it has plagued with problems. Haven't heard any issues so far that I know of.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Lol beef supreme hot dog.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    They look uncomfortable with a coat and couldn't find right size for them and they're mini daschunds. I posted a picture of them in alldeaf in pet pictures thread. We don't take them outside in the winter.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Ha my dogs hate A/C. They hate the cold no matter what lol.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Wow that's a lot of snow. Grass is turning green here already. A bit early for that around here.