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    What is the worst thing you've done for money?

    I did embezzlement b4 :shock:
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    FFX-hear voices...? *gasp*

    :rofl: Oh and loved FFX, the graphics/movies ROCKS!!! Already played all the way to the end and won. (Ah, Tidus.. wherefore art thou?)
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    POLL-Best Zelda game ever?

    Well I would say Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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    have u played or beaten Zelda games?

    Me, done all of them and beaten them all senseless (EXCEPT Zelda: Windwaker [Gamecube] I still have my original gold Zelda from NES. I'm particulary fond of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask due to excellent graphics and 3D environment. (Oh and Epona :))
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    The Wind Waker

    Ooh interesting! Me, I'm hardcore Zelda fan as well and when I first got the drift of the latest Zelda game and saw the first screenshots while it was still in production, it turned me off and I was already refusing to buy that game (cuz I think they completely spoiled it) But however from...
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    Bumper Stickers

    LOL Matty! :rofl:
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    Where Are You?

    Oh it's summerlike already :mrgreen:
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    Where Are You?

    Down down home in Alabama with a banjo on my knee
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    What's your element?

    Oh I used to long time ago, but not anymore. I just have some knowledge left, and I've always been fascinated with celtic cultures so.. part of my bloodline descended from the Gaelics.
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    believe in supernatural?
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    believe in supernatural?

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    John Doe and Deaf

    Ohh i watch that every fri. TURNS out they're not really deaf (maybe some of them really are, I dunno) they just go in the guise of deaf to trick peepz I suppose. And damn, Digger betrayed? Oh well.
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    Weirdest Dreams

    Ooh Dreams, i love dreams. Me, i tend to have vivid dreams and once in a while I get dreams that are so real except everything is different like parallel worlds. I fondly call those dreams parallax dreams. (Think Sliders, except via dream path) Different earth, different life, same me...
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    Get to know Matt, ask me anything.

    I know Matt cuz I went to RI last summer to visit complicated and while there, I met him.. He's helluva cool guy (:wave: to matt). I strongly support and encourage hearies learning and immersing in deaf culture which will further encourage the breaking down of barriers and thus reinforces...
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    cochlear implants

    Ohh I agree about not forcing CI, basically I'm anti-CI BUT i do believe in "choices". I don't like the idea of forcing a child to get CI. What should be done is like wait until they're older and able to decide and know what CI is and the pro and cons. My parents asked me if I wanted CI when...