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    Finlay's tumor is CANCER!!

    To Whatdidusay Even though I havent known u but I feels ur pain as I too recently lost my dog of 13 years. The pain is so enormous that it hard to get by everyday. I was with my dog right up to the very moment she drawn her last breath, that was the hardest part ever. But as time goes...
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    NZ: Deaf lobby for ACC law change this is the link that is being talked about. Not all Deaf are denied it those in the workforce who are losing their hearing.
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    Watch out! Double Trouble!

    Awww thanks all for the Birthday wishes. Had a fabulous day yesterday sharing it with my uncle (my dads brother) and cousins. Thank u :ty:
  4. Sasha64 Turns 8 Years Old

    Wow cant believe it that it been eight years since this forurm been up. Yu done a great job Alex and pray it will go for another eight years and more. Happy Anniversary AD.
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    Win an Apple iPad - Referral Contest

    My question is since the Ipad is located from USA. It is possible to use it in my country since the server is different. I dont want to waste my time entering this contest and then winning it and finding it doesnt work in my country.
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    You know it is Easter time when...

    Frozen peeps and biscuits never heard of freezing candies. Crock pot meal yepp but candies. Err!
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    You know it is Easter time when...

    Yu gotta be kidding me marshmallows covered in sugar or chocolate?? Yikes i cant imagine sugar coating marshmallows since the marshmallow sweet enough without adding extras.
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    You know it is Easter time when...

    Those are called Creme eggs
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    You know it is Easter time when...

    Havent tried peeps but love those cadbury mini egg and Creme Eggs. They are a die for kind of treats. Here we have plenty of those yummy cadbury eggs.
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    What are you thinking about?

    I am thinking about what will 2010 will bring will it be farewell to my father or will it be a new beginning to a new journey of a new life and starting fresh on my own??
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    Question - Is knowing the lyrics essential to music

    Limewire is a site that download songs and often have the lyrics in them too depending on what ur looking for.
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    How do you file a lawsuit against blackmail?

    If you have got evidence of a person blackmailing u then report it and go from there. Depending on the nature of the blackmailers request.
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    Person Below Me

    Nope am not a web developer. TPBM worst fear is?
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    If you could make a Christmas wish come true, What would it be?

    If I were to have a wish or two it would be 1. That my dad goes in peace as he suffered for so long. 2. That someone close to me will come back home. That all i wish for.
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    Greetings to AllDeaf

    Kia Ora from kiwi to another kiwi.